Fringing brilliant – Incoming and outgoing VoIP/Skype on Irish iPhone

Fring released their client for the iPhone yesterday. Hubba hubba. Skype now on my iPhone as well as Voice over IP, GTalk, MSN and more. Thanks to Fring you can get free and very cheap calls on your iPhone and hell you can even port a landline number to it.

Fring on iPhone

And here comes the but:
Only works on WiFi right now. Edge doesn’t seem to be good enough for it but with the 3G iPhone around the corner, Fring is probably using this as a testbed for the newer version.

Ireland doesn’t have a lot of open WiFi points right now, well unless you are an evil hacker who breaks into eircom wireless modems, so it won’t be as useful or mobile but consider when you travel to the states or the UK with all their open Wifi points. Fecking heaven. Ring my Irish landline and I pickup for free in the States. Well done Fring.

4 Responses to “Fringing brilliant – Incoming and outgoing VoIP/Skype on Irish iPhone”

  1. The sole benefit for those people who haven’t escaped Eircom yet and are still paying massively over the odds for their capped, flaky DSL service is that apparently you can use all their commercial hotspots for nowt now.

    Every cloud, et cetera.

  2. DMAN says:

    “even port a landline number to it.”

    What am I missing? How?

  3. Does O2 allow VOIP traffic on their data packages? Are the ports even open?

    @DMAN – You could get a pseudo-landline number (076) off Blueface for a fiver PAYG and configure it on Fring. Worked for me over home wifi. Quality wasn’t great but ok.

  4. Mark says:

    Tested with Skype last night – worked like a charm. Fair play to the folks at Fring!