Forgive them lady-god for they do not know what they do

Uh oh. The UCD All-male Oogling Society aka Students Union have been found out for the women-loving pigdogs they are! Pigdogs I say. Oink oink woof woof.

Oompa Loompa
Photo owned by Photo-Mojo (cc)

Pictured above is one of the lovely ladies that will be taking part in the Miss UCD Beauty Pageant tomorrow. Rounds include:

  • Best tea making round.
  • The makeup application round which is judged both on depth of makeup as well as orangeyness.
  • The sports round which involves hula hooping using your own hoopy earrings.
  • The handbag lifting round for those giant handbags.

But women that enter this competition are apparently “sheep” so there will be a protest and an alternative beauty pageant held too. (No, that does not mean a drag queen event, there’s like one of them a week in UCD). We wonder, like men, do real women not wax or shave?

Here’s a quote from the Fundymedia page:

This year see’s the first (and hopefully last!) Miss UCD beauty pageant, sponsored by UCDSU ,alongside trashy tabloids The sun and News of the world. The first Miss UCD takes place on Thursday 17th April. The winner of the ‘competition’ will win automatic entry to Miss Ireland as well as winning beauty makeovers , clothes and a gym membership. Miss Ireland and hence Miss UCD bans all mothers, wives and women under 5’4 from entering.These sexist competitions have no place in Ireland and particularly in UCD. These types of competitions are demeaning and are an excuse for putting sexism on parade They encourage the idea that women should be seen as sex objects to be judged by men, as well as making women believe that to be desirable they have to conform to unrealistic types of ‘beauty’.

To oppose union involvement in Miss UCD, UCD students against sexism are holding a mock Miss UCD beauty pageant where the REAL Miss UCD will be crowned. At the event,which will be held Thurs 17th April at 1 outside the arts block, we will be distributing leaflets to highlight some of the challenges facing women in modern Ireland. There will also be speakers present from the Equality department , the Socialist party and more.
We ask all students and staff from all univeristys who oppose sexism to get involved.Come along on the day,show your support and say NO to sexism!

Tell you what, I will give 100 quid to any man who turns up to it with a “Woman, iron my shirt and make my dinner” placard. Yes it’s been done before but still. Pigdogs!

4 Responses to “Forgive them lady-god for they do not know what they do”

  1. 73man says:

    Right there with them and all but perhaps they need to stay back a year for their spelling:

    “We ask all students and staff from all univeristys who oppose sexism…”

    At least I’m not missing the point.

  2. Gav Reilly says:

    The author of that Fundymedia post had a motion put to the Union Council moving that the event be pulled, and it was comprehensively beaten.

    I was Chair of that Council and I can honestly say that the overwhelming sentiment in the room was that of ‘live and let live’. There’s a thread on our own boards here in UCDSU on a similar subject that turned into a Miss UCD conversation at

    I’ll thank you not to use an oompa-loompa picture, though. Honestly… :rolleyes: 🙂

  3. emordino says:

    On what criteria are they judging entrants for “the REAL Miss UCD”? They’re not clear on that point.

  4. shellybell says:

    Wives and mothers who are under 5’4 have a great chance by the sounds of things.