Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 16th

Anthony Cooper has a new blog on the block. Say hey.

Arrr tis the Irish Pirate Review. “Putting the irate in P’irate”

What the hell was Newstalk thinking? They could have done the same stunt in a school, shop or church. Mental Health centres should not be treated like high security prisons.

Check out Seán Sweeney’s blog and his videos like the one below:

280 people now want Enda Kenny taken when Bertie goes.

How many female leads have there been in the Hollywood blockbusters in the past few years? How many in action movies? The XKCD have been asking the same. We need more Sarah Connors, River Tams and more movies like The Long Kiss Goodnight where there are badass female roles. If the Israeli army have women as the drill instructors, then how about we some female action stars too?

So Stephen Colbert might indeed have had Irish ancestors in the 1916 rising?

Some people aren’t waiting for Microsoft Photosynth and have open sourced their own version.

Paul Graham on why there are not more Googles and Facebooks.

Will the Catholic Church now object to getting stem cells from menstrual blood? But would we end up with really irritable clones? *ducks*

I think this is where Lordi got his inspiration: Slipknot – Wait and Bleed, whatever happened to the clown rockers:

Anime fanfic kinda thing done to Refuse Resists by Sepultura, live:

16 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 16th”

  1. emordino says:

    > How many female leads have there been in the Hollywood blockbusters in the past few years?

    One more reason why Death Proof is awesome.

  2. jazz biscuit says:

    Hey what’s with the rte url?


    Are they tracking Mulley visits now?

  3. Damien says:

    @emordino I need to see it so

    @jazz Fucking with their heads if they actually check their logs (it was rss not mulley)

  4. Tis Me says:

    Is Mr. Mulley a closet metal head? Slipnot and Sepultura in one posting?? Impressive! 😀

  5. Damien says:

    I’ll try and dig out the pics of me at the first Ozfest in the UK which had Pantera, Soulfly and a whole lot more of my fav bands. Sepultura would be in my top ten bands as would Nailbomb 🙂

  6. Anthony C says:

    Thanks for the mention Damien! 🙂

  7. ball*istic says:

    Look for Nailbomb live at the Dynamo festival circa 1995. It was their only live performance and became the album ‘We are proud to commit commercial suicide’. But you knew that already right?
    Oh and Slipknot have nothing on Gwar when it comes to costume metal, the true originals of the species!

  8. Damien says:

    @ball*istic Oh yeah, I have that. Love the reasons why they killed off the band “Fucking Nailbmomb coffee mugs”

  9. ball*istic says:

    Check out Mushroomhead for more metal cosplay nonsense:

  10. Tis Me says:

    Well in that case you gotta check out this!

    The latest from Igor & Max Cavalera.. A return to the old Sepultura sound..

    Check the audio link..

  11. Adam says:

    Stem cells in menstrual blood, eh? I’ve just got a great cross-promotional marketing idea for Always where each pad comes with a freepost (and waterproof) envelope addressed to Medistem Laboratories.

    I’m sure there’d be a new slogan in there too, just can’t think of one.

  12. manuel says:

    I’m not really a fan of the knot, but I’ve always loved that track…….and now the neighbours do to,……

  13. klaraflame says:

    I’m very much liking Irish Pirate Review. Yargh!
    Plus the vid of the anime FLCL with Sepultura is awesome in all its rocking glory. 🙂

  14. emordino says:

    Man, why would you call them “the knot” if you’re not a fan? I’m on to you.

  15. Eamon says:

    jesus yeah whatever happened to nailbomb? brilliant band. did they just have one album?

    think lordi might have also been getting tips from norwegian outfit immortal:

    great paradoies of immortal on youtube. new album out in 2008… eh apparently