Yahoo! to Microsoft: Google just bought us a gimp suit, what you got?

Or is it more Good Wil Hunting. How about them Googles?

Via John Furrier.

And via Washington Post too:

Yahoo Inc. is close to announcing that it plans to carry search advertising from Google Inc. as part of a test that could lead to a broader partnership, according to people familiar with the matter.

Ok it’s a short-term limited test but with Google making more per search than Yahoo! or Microsoft it’s worth looking at to boost the coffers of Yahoo! There’ll be more than a single chair flung over this. Waiting to see the Microsoft reaction. Wonder would they really be evil and sign a long-term binding contract. Yahoo! have always been a media company so maybe it is time to just give up on search and advertising?

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One Response to “Yahoo! to Microsoft: Google just bought us a gimp suit, what you got?”

  1. emordino says:

    > How about them Googles?

    Vaguely testicular-sounding. I’ll never search the same again.