April Foolsfy links

Women? Who’d have em eh? I mean, er, Alexia makes some excellent points about mandatory gender numbers and women in tech. engineering etc.

The geeky/techy/nerd readership to this blog is big enough. Got some spare RAM? (that’s computer memory Mum) Then donate it.

Via Soggy Biscuit. K.C.s in Cork has a webcam.

Conor’s piece makes me want to be a scammer. Boo.

Adrian goes all Blogorrah on us.

UK newspapers driving traffic more effectively than Google.

Via Will Mcinnes, via Helenium

Web users are going to bands’ Wikipedia entries more often than their MySpace pages, or dedicated site, by a 2-to-1 ratio.

Really nice desktop backgrounds.

People give their Best Stories ever.

“Artivist’ Will St Leger placed £50,000 worth of fake ‘Bertie’ cash in the baskets of Molly Malone’s statue on the 31st March.” Ort. Yaw.

7 Responses to “April Foolsfy links”

  1. Niall O'K says:

    More April Fools stuff here if yer interested 😉

  2. Paul McClean says:

    He’s, loike, totally making a statement.

  3. Niall O'K says:

    Love those desktop backgrounds btw, – thanks! Am using that polar bear one now.

  4. chandy says:

    Cheers for that desktop backgrounds link! I’m using one of the girly, flowery ones, natch.

    ‘Artivist’…now there’s a pretentious combord if I ever saw one…

  5. Thanks for the RAM appeal link, we’ve donated work computers before but I’ve found some RAM laying about as well – I’ll ask our tech guys about it.

    There’s some sweet backgrounds at http://www.mandolux.com/ as well btw – especially for dual-monitor setups.

    oh and thanks for the rick-rolling. grrrr.

  6. […] over on Captain Mulley’s flufftacular. (It’s hurting our feelings that we keep getting called Soggy Biscuit.) Digg this […]

  7. Daragh says:

    Interesting article about newspapers and Adwords.

    By the way link to Will St Leger is http://www.willsaint.com/