Fluffy Links – Monday March 31st 2008

Buy a tree and watch it grow using Google Maps.

See which Irish Websites are allowing Pornography to be posted to their website.

Books. David is obesssed.

Via Off the Meatrack Guy Kawasaki thinks Pat Kenny rocks. Not a fricking joke.

Which Irish ISPs are fecking with your Bittorrents? I’ve heard eircom are doing it and Irish Broadband but encrypting stops em. Log em.

Punished for paying by cash, this BT customer, solicitor and a granny too takes em to court.

Jazzbiscuit points out DownloadMusic.ie are releasing a USB stick album/compilation. Those who decide what goes on are known to us.

Now Levi’s are making a phone but it won’t fit into the famous watch pocket.

Some nice anti-quackary stuff on Autism.

Seal cub Hunt not ….

MacBook Air Parody with a Dell.

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday March 31st 2008”

  1. Green Ink says:

    The seal cub hunt could have come out worse. Cub hUNTS!

  2. Michele says:

    The adult content blog is interesting, but their figures are probably on the conservative side. They estimate 1000 sites – it’s probably significantly higher.
    Unfortunately they don’t have comments enabled 🙁