David McSavage threatens rape to shut up heckler at comedy gig

Just got this from a friend that was at a comedy gig tonight.

It was amusing enough that David McSavage appeared as the closing act on a night that was supposed to be for “up and coming comedians” but, nevertheless, most people inevitably went along with it. Naturally enough, as with most performances, there were one or two people nattering down the back but for Mr. McSavage, this was too much to stand. He drew attention to them from the outset, condemning women for not being able to focus without talking to each other, comparing them to the Borg by all defending each other no matter what, while their boyfriends didn’t want to tell them to shut up lest they “not get their hole”. Fine so. The show continued.

Nevertheless, time and again, he kept coming back to mock the chattering two at the back. Until, finally, one of them left and he said he had wanted to “whack the faggoty fuck with his guitar”. Still, the audience – just about – stayed with him. Finally though, he pointed to the second remaining girl at the back and said that he wanted to “bring the black-haired one up to the stage and bend her over and wallop her over this chair while she struggled”. At this point, Aidan Bishop (brother of Des Bishop), the resident MC of the International, had had just about enough and decided to call time on the whole thing. Initially he sat on the stage to the right of David, but David continued with the insinuation of the above threat until he was told that it was best to end his performance. McSavage cited this as being “uncool” and told Aidan that it was sad “that he couldn’t even set up his own comedy club”, before telling the crowd and Aidan to “go fuck themselves” while walking off.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing is that it was the funniest thing the audience had seen all night from a lacklustre combination of so-called ‘new talent’, who had all been doing stand-up for at least two years.

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  1. Adam says:

    I think I told this story on another blog once, but rumour has it that he once turned up late to a similar “up and coming” competition (which had a prize for the best act of the night) in Dublin and asked the MC or organiser if he could come on and do a bit.

    He was introduced as a very special guest after all the other acts had done their bit and everyone just assumed he was a bit of low-profile entertainment to keep the crowd happy while the panel of judges made their decision.

    In the end he was announced as the winner and took the cash prize home with him.

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  3. Colm says:

    McSavage is shockingly bad. I had the misfortune to see his act one time at a comedy club. Talk about unfunny. From the above it would seem that the pressure of years of looking for a breakthrough seem to be finally pushing the guy over the edge. He seems to be popular on RTE but god only knows why. I think it’s time he looked for a day job.

  4. mj says:

    Hm, there’s a fine line to walk with alternative comedy and one man’s rib tickler will undoubtedly be another man’s shocked prudishness.

    He stepped over some of those lines. It was maybe a bad performance and he allowed the audience heckling to derail him from his performance. Would it be that all public speakers were as ready to handle rude heckling!

    I don’t mind comedians who say ridiculously stupid and sometimes abhorrent things. It may not have been in good taste but did anyone take him seriously? Were the Gards waiting outside?

  5. 73man says:

    Two words: Michael Richards.

  6. Fatmammycat says:

    Oh dear, I’ve had the misfortune to witness that cretin ‘live’ before too. He is really really unfunny and a complete ass.

  7. cw says:

    I called him a cunt to his face and felt very good about it.

    It was a cathartic experience that everyone should try.

  8. Mcsavahge is a cunt says:

    I called him a cunt TWICE to his face.He wants a good hiding.

  9. John B says:

    Suppose you’ve heard this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVvg_Wfha8U

    I posted this somewhere before but couldn’t find it…. I was in a barber’s once and he swanned in with a big headset on his head shouting down orders to someone and then talking to all the barbers so loudly that no one else in the place could hear themselves. Then more self-aggrandising on the headset I’ve vague memory of a TV camera there too. He’s the biggest knob I’ve ever been in the presence of.

  10. neil says:

    All of these descriptions sound exactly like the time I saw him.

    Myself and at least half the audience walked out during it, not because it was offensive or pushing the limit, it was just plain shit.

    Seems like all of his performances end up with him losing the attention of, and then going mad at the audience.

  11. Paul McClean says:

    Surely someone must have got this on a video phone? I’d love to see it.

    Check out his site: http://www.davidmcsavage.com

    As someone says in the “guestbook” it looks like it was “designed on an Atari”.

  12. Matt says:

    McSavage is a complete and utter cunt. He has no stand-up ability at all, the only way his “comedy” works is on the street (and even then it’s pretty average), where he should stay.

  13. adrian says:

    met him last week in music maker. said hello just for the fact that i knew who he was. he just wouldn’t stop talking crap to me to the point that i had to fake getting a phone call. rape is something that shouldn’t be joked about, especially when you’re NOT a comedian like dave mcsavage.

  14. Darren says:

    Saw him in Kilkenny a few year back the year after they kicked him out, so played on the street, I think he was going for the “I don’t want to play here anyway” approach, I’d heard his name a fare bit so kinda expected him to be funny, did the ol’ slagging passers by thing, I thought he was cringing himself as not many people stopped to watch.. did the diff nationality women making love joke as well, which I seen in Temple bar one day (didn’t know who he was then) I put it down to the fact that it was starting to rain and that only a handful of people stopped to listen that it wasn’t great… The missus got me his dvd then for christmas… oh dear… she apologised for getting it for me after we watched it! In one part of it he takes his 4 year(ish) old son in to the middle of the city puts a camera on him, then leaves him there until he cries! WTF!?!? Happened upon him at a charity comedy gig (Joe Rooney was there as well, don’t get me started!!) not long after where there were loads of comedians getting a 5 min slot…. same rubbish from the street act and the dvd.. I reckon he survives on the street in temple bar as there’s plenty of ppl that haven’t had a chance to hate him yet! I’m beyond feeling sorry for him at this stage…train wreck/david brent stuff

  15. He is just dreadful – his person really has no redeeming features whatsoever and his comedy makes me shudder
    Every time I see him, I literally walk in the opposite direction

  16. steve white says:

    well this is all part of his act, but is a *unt behind the being a *unt act? did you listen to the answering machine message, and the thread on boards.ie where he posts as multiple users and is getting thrashed in a slagging constest

  17. Fergal says:

    McSavage is one of those guys who thinks “if they’re all giving out about you, you must be doing something right”. Yeah, Either that, or you’re a cunt.

  18. Damien says:

    The cunt to other word ratio here is amazing.

  19. Paul says:

    He’s the Brendan Kilkenny of comedy

  20. CiaránMac says:

    A friend of mine suffered through McSavage’s on-street set on numerous occasions. She was working in Galway, in an office above Shop St where he was “performing”. Unfortunately the office had no aircon and it was the height of summer so she had to leave the window open. The same act repeated over and over would be tiresome, but to endure his crap over and over has to have been cruel and unusual punishment. Ireland should flog him to one of those countries that still uses torture, they’ll find a use for him.

  21. Johnny Rap says:

    I saw him a few times last year. He can be funny but is soo hated at this stage in the whole of the country, that he is becoming a joke himself.
    He may well end up the ‘Archie Rice’ of Irish Comedy. His shit act would not go down well in England for sure, where there is an abundance of comedy talent.

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  23. Shane says:

    Leave him be. He’s blogging gold.

  24. Johnny Rap says:

    Hey two friends of mine from the States, were walking at top of Stephens Green with me, when he was SHOUTING his comedy. However as there were not too many people around, it looked like he was one of those Religious Nuts who follow parades etc preaching the Gospel.
    They were shocked thinking he was Nuts, now that made me laugh.
    I’m worried that he will become the big joke of comedy himself.

    But supporting a bunch of novice comedians, and your not even top billing is a clear indicator that your going nowhere fast.

  25. Nay says:

    We have tolerated this amadhan long enough. Wish I could lock him in the tiny Inter bog with Dylan Moran and no booze. The Monster would Jeremy Kyle the fucker once and for all…

  26. Clockwork Rob says:

    What an utter utter shitbag. I’m honestly astonished he’s still working. He can’t be making a living out of this crap!

    Cheers for posting anyways, always nice to be reminded of what a dick he is (and it does provide nice opportunity to take the piss out of him online).


  27. Ban Mediocrity says:

    Jesus. A comedy show headlined bythat bitter saddo David McSavage must have been pretty friggin’ crap. That fucker is still busking. Of course this is because he is a ‘street artist’ and not becuae he is not funny hahaha. The dumb fuck doesn’t even realise that people are laughing at what a sad git he has become. I love it when some comedy fesival or club describes him as ‘controversial’ – it’s another way of sayin half of the people that see him think he’s shit.

  28. Dr.Phil says:

    All of you guys fuel the legend that is McSavage, no Comedian in this country is talked about more. You would never have the guts to say any of this to McSavage in person. McSavage is funny, and thats what really kills you guys.

  29. Paul says:

    Hi David

  30. johnny rap says:

    Christ McSavage is Crazy but sounds GOOD
    I’m not aware of McSavage having never seen him live!!
    Just reading blogs

    Saw this today

    ‘Saw him two weeks ago, Highlights included Random songs about how he wished he had a “gee” and period, Smacking his head so hard against the microphone that he began to bleed, spitting all over himself, Being so offensive that a mass walkout occurred and when people did leave getting verbally abused by McSavage(on one incident a girl in the front row was leaving and Dave shouted “Get The Fuck Out Of Here You Goth Bitch,” followed by “don’t worry she’s my friend.”),vulgar language and the showstopper joke at the end.’

  31. Gary Lynch says:

    I’ve seen him a few times in the ha’penny bridge in in Dublin. Always made me laugh out loud, though I don’t think his street act is funny

  32. Seamus O'Hooligan says:

    I happen to admire David McSavage although I can see the shortcomings in his work. He badly needs a co-writer to flesh out his act a bit, someone who’s going to tell him that he’s out of line with material that could be deemed offensive. There’s nothing funny about mocking or telling someone in an audience to ‘Fuck Off’ and I don’t think he needs to do this. I have seen him perform in Temple Bar and he was genuinely very funny, I have also seen him on Pat Kenny and he was amazing that night! There were 2 other guests, one of whom was Deirdre O’Kane and he was comic genius that night, completely outshone O’Kane and the poor old wooden dry shite, Pat Kenny couldn’t control him. The man is a great talent and is ALWAYS worth watching!

  33. Jesus Seamus,
    Are you taking the piss..?

  34. Daniel Andrews says:

    My Dad is not always like that you lowlifes. What the fuck is wrong with you people. You’re all probably are saing this because you all think you’re all so important. SO FUCK YOU

  35. Hey Daniel,
    This vitriol is rather healthy across this site, thumped, on the record, boards.ie and a number of other webpages and discussion sources – do you think that it might be be somewhat justified??

    (P.S. – whenever I’ve dealt with him, he’s always been a dickhead, cunt, wanker, etc…)

  36. Dr.Phil says:

    Hey Leigh,
    Its so obvious to everyone on this board that McSavage gently took the piss out of you, but you’re such a little narcissistic Mommys boy, you couldn’t handle it, you powerless coward, anyone who cant enjoy McSavage is a moron, I pity anybody who has to spend time with you, you chubby freak.
    Your Dad

  37. Hey “Dr. Phil”,

    1) McSavage is a vile fucker
    2) I may be chubby, but I don’t go around crassly insulting random people and call it “comedy”

  38. Wayne says:

    “David McSavage threatens rape to shut up heckler at comedy gig”

    Imagine him dropping his pants while shouting “Lets be ‘avin ye.” Anyone who gets annoyed at something that was obviously a troll comment is an idiot.

  39. Aidan says:

    I think the guy is one of the funniest people in the country. He is also truthful, intelligent and very interesting.

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  41. PJ says:

    I like David McSavage. Alright, he’s a c**t, but he doesn’t try to hide it. I met him before he went on stage 2 years ago & he was a pure d**khead but he was the same on stage. His show on RTE tonight was genius. The C**t.

  42. David Mc Savage, a sociopath says:

    I’ve heard an audio clip were he leaves an abusive message to some comedy club. Also a strange you tube clip where he is doing stand up in Denmark and says something thats a bit sick to a young teenage girl. It was basically a smart comment about not wanting to ‘come inside’. He picked on the same young teenage girl throughout his time on stage. She didnt do anything to provoke him.

    It was daunting and embarrassing being irish and seeing this from an irish comedian performing abroad. I think his delivery is so uncomfortable that people tend to be not sure how to react and sort of hope he’ll take the abuse back and make a joke of it, but he doesn’t, it just gets worse and more sick. I do have memorys of him being mad and abusive whilst performing on the streets picking on women and young girls or children strangely enough. RTE have great regard and respect for him anyway. Obviously RTE is very much a reputable institution somewhat.

  43. BGal says:

    The only reason he’s on the tele so much is of his family connections on RTE and the government. More so, the only reason why his show is barely watchable is that he has twelve writers working for him and it’s overproduced. He’s just another spoiled brat who gets what he wants from daddy. He has had too many other chances/failures on the tele and normally a person would be out on their arse. Tis a shame that proper comedians are denied the opportunity to put quality work on the screen- it makes me not want to pay my TV license.

  44. Aidan says:

    whinge whinge begrudge begrudge, I hear the show is pretty much the best comedy thing on RTE. How many shows did you get aired?

  45. Aidan,
    Considering the dearth of good comedy in this country, that’s not saying a lot. None of this is begrudgery (the argument and reasoning of the truly brainless); it’s simple honesty and opinion.
    If you disapprove, tough shit.

  46. David Mc Savage, a sociopath says:

    I concur Leigh O’ Gorman,simple honesty and opinion it is. Whinging and begrudging is for nutters like the relevant issue at hand. In fact his issues extends to anger management problems.

    In relation to ‘how many shows did you get aired’. I didn’t know I actually tried or even wanted to get a show aired? Must have been doing so in my sleep. Maybe if i was in that industry ‘trying’ and saw that a well connected abusive frightening person got stuff aired I might be naturally alienated by RTE and the whole industry and take my business to other broadcasting corporates as many great irish writers and comedians and film industry people indeed have done in order to succeed and have done so very well..

  47. wafflesaot84 says:

    the exact same thing happened to me at a gig, unprovoked, but mcsavage thought it would be amusing to pick on 5 girls and one guy and turn the whole audience against us. i was told to fuckoff about 8 times, and then the audience and mcsavage became so absuive we had to leave. some of the audience stuck up for us and left the show. he is a TERRIBLE comedian, his show is INSULTING. i hope he realises how shit he is.

  48. Aidan says:

    It would be hard for him to think he is shit considering, despite his antics, he still gets to headline all the real comedy gigs in the country. He is one of the best comedians in a country filled with funny people. Now and again he pushes it a bit far, but in general the people at the club with a sense of humour really appreciate him.