David McSavage threatens rape to shut up heckler at comedy gig

Just got this from a friend that was at a comedy gig tonight.

It was amusing enough that David McSavage appeared as the closing act on a night that was supposed to be for “up and coming comedians” but, nevertheless, most people inevitably went along with it. Naturally enough, as with most performances, there were one or two people nattering down the back but for Mr. McSavage, this was too much to stand. He drew attention to them from the outset, condemning women for not being able to focus without talking to each other, comparing them to the Borg by all defending each other no matter what, while their boyfriends didn’t want to tell them to shut up lest they “not get their hole”. Fine so. The show continued.

Nevertheless, time and again, he kept coming back to mock the chattering two at the back. Until, finally, one of them left and he said he had wanted to “whack the faggoty fuck with his guitar”. Still, the audience – just about – stayed with him. Finally though, he pointed to the second remaining girl at the back and said that he wanted to “bring the black-haired one up to the stage and bend her over and wallop her over this chair while she struggled”. At this point, Aidan Bishop (brother of Des Bishop), the resident MC of the International, had had just about enough and decided to call time on the whole thing. Initially he sat on the stage to the right of David, but David continued with the insinuation of the above threat until he was told that it was best to end his performance. McSavage cited this as being “uncool” and told Aidan that it was sad “that he couldn’t even set up his own comedy club”, before telling the crowd and Aidan to “go fuck themselves” while walking off.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing is that it was the funniest thing the audience had seen all night from a lacklustre combination of so-called ‘new talent’, who had all been doing stand-up for at least two years.

56 Responses to “David McSavage threatens rape to shut up heckler at comedy gig”

  1. wafflesaot84 says:

    he makes the headlines for all the wrong reasons. how come 90% of the people think he is dreadful and 10% of the people think he is good? so is it that 10% of the people only have sense of humours. i dont think 90% of the people are wrong, and i dont think they would be going to comedy gigs if they didnt.

  2. David Mc Savage, a sociopath says:

    Well possibly, moving aside the treacherous abusiveness towards innocent passer’s by or innocent ticket paying members of the audience, the man delivers amusing material and gets the laughs. My honest opinion is that he is funny and brilliantly talented. However this talent is tainted by his verbal sexual abuse towards female audience members and also frightening behaviour towards small children on the streets. He comes across as a person that is not safe for anybody’s company. Anger management therapy may be a solution or maybe its all attention seeking tactic. I certainly would be afraid to attend a gig of his and would plead with any good friends of mine to not go as they would not be interested in tolerating any sick behaviour and having their night of entertainment brought to a negative level.

  3. Aidan says:

    waffles: I think basically the people who often go to real comedy gigs, in general, want to see him on stage.

    I agree that lots of people hate him, but as far as i can see, these people don’t go to stand up comedy gigs anyway. I run a comedy club, (Anseo), and I always get a great audience response when he plays…. so far.

    Sociopath: I think that maybe anger management is not a bad idea.

  4. David Mc Savage, a sociopath says:

    Nice one Aidan.

    I hope he doesnt frighten any of the punters at Anseo and just keeps up with the talented witt and stays happy himself. Anseo! thats a great ole pub.

  5. phrage frenta says:

    he is a comic genius -with the anarchy of monty python but with much more bite -his tv series was some of the best satire in the world -he and tiernan -what wit perception and honesty!

  6. icemanmwk says:

    arguments over a comedian being funny or not are futile. one person will laugh and one will not. I’ve seen McSavage on a few occasions and he appears uncomfortable with his medium, as if its something he desperately wants to master and is frustrated with the results of his limitations. For instance, making a joke about rape might be possible with the edge and depth that true comic talent brings (I say ‘might’ with reservation) but the above performance reflects my remark about frustration. McSavage pays little attention to comedic craft, it seems to me. By comparison with our ‘respected’ exports (like them or not), Tiernan and Moran, a standard to which he no doubt aspires, there is an enormous gulf. Even by comparion with Colin Murphy or Andrew Maxwell, passable talents, he is struggling. It’s rather easy and lazy to be merely controversial – have a look at Andrew Dice Clay, but timing, material and delivery are either there or not at this stage. I admire McSavage for one thing only: persistence.