Buddy Christs

So y’all might remember the movie Dogma and the new marketing campaign that the Catholic Church had where they brought in a friendlier version of Jesus called Buddy Christ.

Buddy Christ

Well Mr. and Mrs. LinkMap got married last year up the country in some wee village and the mural over the wall seemed very like something I had seen before:
Buddy Christ

5 Responses to “Buddy Christs”

  1. Trinity says:

    He even made it onto Jesus of the Week! 🙂

  2. Trinity says:

    oops posted the wrong one! that was Jesus on a pogo stick, here’s buddy christ (yes, I have nothing better to do on a Saturday!) 🙂

  3. Mr T says:

    That was very nearly a year ago. Any ideas for an aniv. gift.

  4. Sinéad C says:

    Hehe. *MY* buddy Christ sits on my wireless router, guarding over my internets.

  5. Funny that. I was just trying to decide what version of Plastic Jesus is my favourite. I’m torn between Coolhand Luke and Billy Idol.