Twenty’s book

Was in Hodges Figgis and saw the book at Number 26.


That’s not right though, so made a change:

Better. Now, everyone go and buy it in Eason’s or Waterstone’s or Hodges Figgis

9 Responses to “Twenty’s book”

  1. Emmet Ryan says:

    Have you made the font of your masthead darker?

  2. jazz biscuit says:

    Nice one – it was at 26 when I bought it on Saturday – We should all go down and switch them all to twenty.

    And I read the book too – was pleasantly surprised. I suppose I’ll have to go and read Ross O’Caroll Kelly just so I can answer people when they ask if it’s like that.

  3. Damien says:

    @Emmet Yeah but it feels very O2 ads so will change it again.

  4. I’ve got my copy, will read after I finish Duma Key

  5. roosta says:

    Dubray Books on Grafton had it at 20 (without blogger mischief) last week…

  6. Darragh says:

    Is it bad that it took me a minute to cop that?

  7. Grannymar says:

    I’m bringing Twenty to bed with me tonight! 😉

  8. Bought it.

    Read it.

    Liked it.

  9. Tom Young says:

    It should remain at 20 even if it makes the number 1 slot 😉