Irish Blog Awards 2008 – Intro Videos

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7 Responses to “Irish Blog Awards 2008 – Intro Videos”

  1. jazz biscuit says:


    +110 Business is the business of having a nest that is busy!

  2. [...] screens, one at the stage and one half way down the room. Each category was introduced by a short video of George W Bush talking about the category. I’ll admit I cringed at first, but when I actually listened it [...]

  3. elly parker says:

    They are hysterical – I missed half of the jokes because of the noise and laughter in the room on the night.

    Well done to everyone involved!

  4. Darren says:

    Brilliant! Well done to Twenty and McA (and whoever else was involved in putting these very clever vids together). These were one of the highlights of the night.

  5. Kieran says:

    Great to have this up and get to hear them without distraction. Well done, everyone!

  6. [...] P.S. Thanks also to George Bush for the introductions of each category. (See here). [...]