Fluffy Links – Monday February 25th 2008

Via Jimmy Carroll are details about the Cork French Film Festival and specifically La Jetée set to music. Am there.

Brian Vaughan has a new blog. Say hello.

Sully’s blog is out there too.

I’m not sure is the Munster Express meant to be parody, fair and balanced or something else. This is an odd story.

Three is releasing a pay as you go broadband service. Something I think has been needed for years. No contract at all needed now. This might very well suit students and lots of other people besides. Would love to see the takeup. The three network is improving in some places but is awful in others still. Hopefully o2 and Vodafone might release something like this too.

BreakingNews.ie cock up again. They proudly talked at the UCC Journo conference last week about how one person can power the whole service. Oversight might be good.
BreakingNews.ie cockup

Some t-shirts for VCs.

I still prefer Jazz Biscuit’s CC photo search tool but this plugin is also neato.

Neil Gaiman posted about a Coraline 3D trailer. Good quality but we have to wait for the cinema to appreciate the 3D goodness:

Sylvain Chauveau – Never Let Me Down Again

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday February 25th 2008”

  1. John says:

    I don’t think the Express is a parody. The story on O’Dea and Deasy is correct in everything in it and while a bit OOT, I did hear last weekend that O’Dea was due on Q&A last Monday, and seemingly cried off with a throat infection.

  2. Johnny K says:

    O’Dea is a backstepping coward anyway so it’s no surprise he’s at it again. Jamie normally writes about Sport so that may be something to do with how the story reads.

  3. I’d be amazed if any 3g broadband network is ever very good in a populated area. The technology just doesn’t lend itself to lots of heavy users on the same node.

  4. Alan says:

    That wordpress plugin is the biz. Was it made in response to your original post looking for a plugin like that?

  5. Sully says:

    Hey, thanks for the link! I’ve been busy lately with writing a thesis, so when I finally got around to looking at my traffic stats I was delighted with the noticeable spike!

    I’m only too happy to receive the crumbs from your table, my good sir!