Fluffy Links – Friday 22nd February 2008

The Irish taxman is checking out our Facebook profiles. Some of ours anyway.

My ickle pony.

When you piss off a web design firm, they might latch on to your domain. Check out the UK Labour site.

We based version of Mathematica. Nice.

We should have a Top Cats event in Ireland or have Paul bring some Irish to the Top Cats London events.

Clever way of increasing readers on Twitter. 1000th sub wins a consultancy gig from you. Twitter is more than just broadcast though. How many will stick around if you just push out links to blog posts all day long?

Free second chapter from the new Crowdsourcing book

Staying with books and free. Free books via the Freakonomics blog.

This is just rocking. Control your PC or Mac or any OS using the touchscreen on your iPod or iPhone.

For those burned by HD DVD, a guide on how to rip them.

Everyone speaking at CreativeCamp should see this talk on how to give a talk.

The Gravity powered lamp. So clever. So simple.

Patrick Stewart in his scene in Extras.

Disrupt CCTV cameras with infrared L.E.D.s

Elmo evolution. Just after I getting the other one. Bastards.

Blowing shit up, NASA style:

6 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday 22nd February 2008”

  1. Mark says:

    now that is an interesting one about the taxman on facebook etc. ..does bertie have a linked in or facebook profile?!!

    nice new elmo toy, excuse me for thinking chucky type thoughts ….when one malfunctions.
    mmmmmnnn….now that would make a great film. evil elmo… with special guest bert!

  2. 73man says:

    That Extras clip is priceless. Thanks.

  3. Paul Walsh says:

    @Damien – I don’t think I’m known enough in Ireland to be able to attract enough Top Cats. That’s not to say someone else can’t do it of course.

    Whether Ireland has its own event or not, I’d like to attract people from Ireland and other countries to my London based event. It’s worth this trip in my opinion – you just need to take a look at who attends each month. Either you can send me names to invite or people can get in touch directly – I’d just ask that people look at the strict criterion for entry 🙂

    You might notice a few startup names that don’t look familiar, that’s because they’re either heavily backed by a VC or those people have already sold companies in the past.

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  5. James says:

    That’s pretty scary about the taxman actually. Really makes you wonder about the privacy issues many people are ignoring…