Denis O’Brien does it all and then some!

He saved Irish soccer, nothing to do with his hatred of eircom of course, you can get his taxi to the matches, while listening to TodayFM or Newstalk (both his), you can thank him for getting you your job and now he can even get you a date. Rides of all sorts. Anything he can’t do? (Apart from stay in the country long enough to pay taxes)

5 Responses to “Denis O’Brien does it all and then some!”

  1. Alan says:

    And don’t forget he can get you fit as well 🙂

    I admired him as a businessman and entrepreneur until he fcuked off to his tax haven after stating that he would stick around and pay his fair whack in his Late Late Show interview.

  2. Niall O'K says:

    Your link to is missing a “http://” :p

  3. barry says:

    Apropos, interesting to note that on Kenny this am (I know, but I don’t like the Newstalk alternative….;) ) all the texts he read out were agin O’B all on the grounds he is a tax exile….

    Actually it would be interesting to see exactly how the Revenue check his status. I read somewhere that the likes of him and Smurfit, etc, have the jet leave the jurisidiction at 11.45 pm and return after midnight. Apparently if your not in the country at midnight you haven’t been here all day, i.e. your in your tax exile or somewhere….

  4. Good man Dennis, the Trapp will do wonders…….. book your SA tickets now

  5. tipster says:

    I rather liked Cian O’Callaghan’s letter in today’s Irish Times about Denis O’Brien:

    Madam, – If Denis O’Brien wants to be charitable to Irish causes, then perhaps a better way might be to stay in the country and pay 20 per cent – 41 per cent of his income in taxes, as the rest of us do.

    Perhaps then we could have ABA for all the autistic children who need it, and a cystic fibrosis unit for the patients around the country suffering unnecessarily.

    – Yours, etc,