The Dublin Business Blogging Course – It shall return!

I hope.

So the Cork one is happening, not the Dublin one. Yet. Now, there’s about a dozen very avid people wanting to learn how to blog. I have the list. They email me a lot. Still avid after all these years. All they need is a room with wifi and either pcs/laptops or perhaps they can bring their own. A meeting room costs, what 300 quid for a half day, maybe? Loads of Dublin hotels for that. As per the conditions, I’ll do it for free, no problem with a sponsor providing that the sponsor does not try and give a hard sell of products to the attendees and the attendees are not chosen by the sponsor and it is not billed as XCorps’s Business Blogging Course. Oh and I’m not free til April. God, lots of conditions. You know what I mean though. People should benefit from this without having to have had purchased something. So there you have it. An opportunity to meet 8-12 new businesses or businesses that are obviously open minded about trying something new.

3 Responses to “The Dublin Business Blogging Course – It shall return!”

  1. Evert Bopp says:

    Damien, if you’re ever want to do something like this in deep, dark Birr I’ll sponsor the boardroom in the Birr Technology Institute and free wifi. Might even throw in some snacks 😉

  2. Might have an idea of a venue in Dublin. Need to check somethings out first….

  3. Roy Lalor says:

    Pitman Training Centre Swords will supply a room with ten pc’s any Tuesday or Thursday after 5.00pm or Saturday after 2.00pm or Sunday all day. We can organise/help organise it
    I’m currently starting a blog for Pitman Training Swords and for my safety training company LTS First Aid Specialists at

    Roy Lalor