The Fanny Waters show on Newstalk tomorrow

More Edits: Fergal’s take.

MP3 of the performance.

Edit2: An mp3 of this should become available soon. Word reaches us that Fanny Waters had to be carried from Newstalk he got such a pounding. I insist you listen to the mp3 when it does appear, Fergal was beyond impressive.

Edit: Best of luck to Fergal (a tenner if he tears up a pic of the pope just as he starts.)

Fanny Waters summoned a blogger to come into his radio presence and answer for all the sins of the bloggers and tomorrow morning at 0830 on Newstalk, he’ll get his demands met. Newstalk are already billing it as Waters versus the bloggers. No tabloidism there, eh Newstalk? No pressure on the person who has to answer for all our sins either. Sarah is right, John needs new material and a new enemy. And he’s getting it. Eurovisions and ice-skating didn’t feed his craving for attention. Blogs would be great. There’s loads of them now. An ocean of material. The troll is being given what he wants. If John really wanted to engage in a debate then he would let a blogger write a rebuttal in his column, wouldn’t he?

The best way of giving credibility to a raving nutter is to not let him stand on a soapbox on his own, but put him on a panel with another person. Never argue with a fool… So tune in tomorrow. And no, I am not feeding the troll because John doesn’t do the Internet, now does he?

55 Responses to “The Fanny Waters show on Newstalk tomorrow”

  1. I’m not heading towards any point. I was just looking for clarification of yours.

    I think we can all agree some journalists aren’t any good, though, and some are just plain dim, such as the RTE News journalist a couple of weeks ago who kept referring to the Bhuttos’ “musoleum”.

  2. cw says:

    That’s because her crypt was to be decorated lavishly and adorned with many ancient artefacts, sculptures and portraits.

    I think the RTE newsroom are to be lauded for their forward thinking.

    We’ll all be using the word when Elton John is buried.

  3. Really? I thought it was a Mausoleum.

  4. cw says:

    No, RTE would never get anything like that incorrect.

    I think they couldn’t decide whether to go with museum or mausoleum and decided to create their own amalgam to fit the occasion.

    It’s what Gay Byrne would have wanted.

  5. It’s what he might get.