Fanny Waters is at it again

Fanny Waters, once again is being, as Twenty termed it – a fanny. Daragh O’Brien has a very good blog post (Edit: site is taking forever to load due to some script) on what Fanny was saying again on Newstalk this morning. Seems he demanded/decreed that Newstalk wheel some idiot blogger on to the show (we’re all idiots you see) so he can debate them. Fanny doesn’t read blogs but just knows that we are clueless and can’t string three sentences together. And once again his obsession with sex comes through with saying that most of the Internet is porn. Depends on what you search and look for Fanny.

Anyway, Fanny is probably upset that now anyone can be a crank and get a soapbox or a pulpit. The Internet is full of porn and it’s also full of headcases who write shitty lyrics to woeful songs. It’s hard to be unique on the Internet unless you have a specific niche, one which Fanny no longer has. His lot are a dime a doze. So should he be engaged? I think not. I think we should all talk about him and write about him but why give John the oxygen he craves? If he were a blogger (and I think he will be in time) we’d shun him by not linking to him. That’s the sting of online shunning. Delinking. Let him shout his challenges on Newstalk and give bloggers free advertising. I like Kevin Myers more anyway. He didn’t cry for Katy.

Also, we have a Fake Steve Jobs, I wonder can we have a Fake Fanny Waters? Edit: That was fast: Fanny Waters blog.

Super extra bonus edit: That’s Ireland on Fanny Waters from last year.

14 Responses to “Fanny Waters is at it again”

  1. Twenty Major says:

    He really is being a ponce. There’s a bee in that bonnet of his and he wants everyone to know about it.

    The funniest thing is that if he took an hour to look around and read some of the intelligent, witty and relevant people who blog – and not just in Ireland – he’d sweep this notion of his right under the carpet. Either that or start drinking again.

  2. Ah cmon, be nice, John is the IT’s nod towards supporting care in the community. For years I thought he was the Irish Dave Barry and then I realised he wasn’t trying to be funny.

  3. Bernd says:

    Really … just take a look at John Waters, the hair and stuff, and imagine him in some cassock of days gone and you have the perfect Luddite. So I think it is both his angst of becoming irrelevant and an intensive technophobia that combines in making him a cranky old man …

  4. Glad to see Twenty got to say something not nice about JW. I swear I could hear the mental gears clashing and grinding as he tried to come up with something over on

    Bernd – you may be right in your assessment, but I suspect the cranky old man bit would have happened regardless of technophobia.
    Conor – you probably are right.

  5. Branedy says:

    I am, therefore I Blog!

  6. Dermot says:

    Listen after reading Waters book (Lapsed Agnostic) he doesn’t need a rhyme nor reason for anything. [my brief comments on the book are here

    We’re back to the Bloggers versus Journalists flamebait again. Lets face it there is an awful lot of crap on the Internet. And there is an awful lot of crap in the papers and elsewhere. (i.e. Sturgeons Law that ‘90% of everything is crud’). Given the volume of people online the signal among the noise is amazing. (If someone said I could choose to give up the Internet or Newspapers again there would be no contest)

    Its Waters bad luck that he doesn’t bother his arse to look at it. He’s not a journalist or he’d check his facts. He has become a bit of a ranter really. An elitist ranter at that (who do those people think they are thinking they can write).

    Deserving more of sorrow than anger.


  7. Isitjustme? says:

    ‘ In the words of the late great Luke Kelly (if he were alive he’d probably blog) Scorn not his simplicity…’

  8. Adam says:

    As I said on Markham Nolan’s blog, I wonder if he judges all media as a single entity and if he feels we should not take The Irish Times seriously because it shares a medium with Nuts, Hello! and Playboy.

    I also wonder if his “bloggers are idiots” theory extends to his blogging colleagues in The Irish Times.

    @Isitjustme? – They’re Phil Coulter’s words 😀

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  10. Isitjustme? says:

    Ahhh Adam thanks. I assumed they were Lukes.
    His voice made the song though, wouldn’t you agree?.

    Good point regarding Fanny’s colleagues at the Times…I can see Jim Carroll kicking some Fanny butt shortly..

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  12. Adam says:

    I agree Isitjustme? – he had a tendency to do that sort of thing too (Raglan Road being another example where no-one comes close to his rendition).

    I hope the four bloggers in the IT corner him in the canteen at the next opportunity and steal his lunch money. They should YouTube it too.

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