Salim Ismail and Paddy’s Valley

Finally getting around to thank Salim Ismail for his help during Paddy’s Valley. There’s going the extra mile and there’s running a marathon. Salim showed us around Yahoo! Brickhouse on one of the days and they showed off upcoming projects some of which are still in stealth I believe. Then introduced Jerry Yang to the group. As you do. The next day we got a tour of the Yahoo! Sunnyvale campus and some of the lads gave a micro-pitch to one of the main acquisition guys for Yahoo! Beat that! Salim also turned up for some of the pitch evening on the Tuesday night and drove up to Palo Alto to hang out with us one evening. In a culture of being friendly and transparent and welcoming travelers, Salim went much much further. He’s a really decent guy for helping us so much and I think Brickhouse really chose well when headhunting Salim. The next time himself and his colleagues come to Ireland there’ll be a lot of kegs emptied. Hooray, another post that was in draft for weeks and is now done!

Update: He’s going to be coming to Cork on March 2nd.

7 Responses to “Salim Ismail and Paddy’s Valley”

  1. patrick liddy says:

    hear hear. And hes no slouch at pool either!

  2. Alexia says:

    I’d like to echo Damien’s message. Thanks, Salim for being so kind to the group and so generous with your time. You went far beyond being welcoming. So, thanks.

  3. Niall Larkin says:

    Absolutely. Thanks you so much Salim. I empathize with Mulley on having this post in draft for weeks. Sometimes its so hard to find the words to say thanks when someone has been so exceptionally good and generous to you. But you have to hand it to Mulley for hitting the nail on the head “There’s going the extra mile and there’s running a marathon.”

  4. Watching from afar I was gob-smacked by what Salim did for Paddy’s Valley. We owe him a great deal. That’s one bloke who is welcome back to Cork any time!

  5. here here. Thank you Salim for going above and beyond to make us so welcome.

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  7. […] made everyone that went on the Paddy’s Valley trip hugely welcome. He went above and beyond. It’d be nice for us here now to buy him a few thank you pints. […]