The Irish yet again miss another obvious opportunity

So this writers strike in Hollywood/America. No shows can be made if they don’t have writers. Heroes, Lost and loads more are going to be delayed. While Letterman has done a deal with his writers, the main strike is going to go on and on. Where is the IDA on this? Why are they not showing ABC, NBC and CBS what we can offer them. Let’s export all the quality shows we have out there and even create spinoffs.

Fair City L.A.
Fair City is SHIT
Bella, Leo, Jimmeeeeeeh and whoeverthefuckelse is on that show take a trip out there. And fit in. But all written and filmed in Ireland. The setmakers already make it seem like Carrigstown is realer than real so L.A. should be just as easy to copy on to shaky wooden frames.

But there’s more!
But hell, with P.S., I’m an eejit doing so well and Irish accents being all hot again, let’s give them quality stuff. Glenroe. Dinny and Miley and Fanny and Biddie and endsinYie and their Billy Barry kids with D4 accents.

Then to feed their habit, let’s unleash Bracken on them. No, not the fella, the show.

And the game shows
Where in the World (book still available for 200 sterling) and Head 2Toe should be exported out to Lala land too. (Aside: I would have thought Fustar had some Theresa Lowe stuff but alas no.)

We have tonnes of stuff that we could ship over. What else could we send over? We’ve not even started on the quality from TV Three.

12 Responses to “The Irish yet again miss another obvious opportunity”

  1. Katherine says:

    What about Play the Game? A bit of Derek Davis, a bit of Twink, it’s got it all! And going down the Derek Davis road, Live at Three would go down brilliantly stateside.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Perhaps they could stay over there as well, never to return perchance?

  3. Alexia says:

    Another example of Mulley trying to offload his old, shitty second-hand RTE books to the unwitting public. Yes, he got it from Santy for Christmas 1992 instead of a Jo Maxi popup book.

    C’mon, Mulley, come clean and admit that you are really ‘anybook-uk’…

  4. James says:

    I was going to join in the RTE-bashing but then that Glenroe clip made me all nostalgic. They should just air Reeling in the Years and reruns of Glenroe 24 hours a day. By the way, did you hear the one about the Irish reality TV show set on a boat? The boat sank.

  5. fústar says:

    I obviously would have done a 4-part retrospective on Teresa and “Where in the World?” by now, but I was warned off the whole area by Bibi Baskin.

    “It’d just be best to leave it alone” she said, before adding that she couldn’t say any more and had (in fact) already said too much.

    For those about to whip out their credit cards and order the “Where in the World?” quiz book from Amazon I direct your attention to ABE books. A seller in Norn Iron is offering it for the bargain price of $30.60.

    Description as follows:

    “Book Condition: Very Good. Reprint Ex Library Usual Markings. 12mo – over 6¾” – 7¾” tall. a rare collectible book. ffep is missing.minimal wear.internally clean. 98pp including answers.”

    Ok, 30 dollars might sound a tad steep for and ex-library copy that lacks its front free end paper, but it is, after all, “a rare collectible book”. It says so in black and white.

    One can only imagine what signed copies are selling for.

  6. ben says:

    Give them blackboard jungle, only its for war vets instead of school goers and the losers have to live out the rest of their days in the congo…or something

    Or live at Three (half dead at 4)…well Thelma Mansfield what have they won? A semi auto glock to the face!

    Its too early….

  7. Paul McClean says:

    Wanderly Wagon starring Twink. Practically writes itself.

  8. And AA Roadwatch girls teaching the world to say “rain debate”

  9. Caoimhin says:

    Maybe if you sent over all that shite there would be a Viewers strike! 🙂

  10. Shane H says:

    CSO Miami. Those demographic statistics are edge of the seat stuff.

  11. Coastal Aussie says:

    I just want to wish you the very best of health in 2008, and that I hope you have a fun and fabulous night planned for tonight. Happy new year from Australia.

  12. The Museum of Cultural Waste: Quicksilver…

    Plain People of Ireland: (brightly) “Well”, as the divil once said, “That’s the Christmas over for another year thank God!”
    Myself: Indeed. A bloated orgy of drink, turkey and ostentatious consumption…
    Plain People of Ireland: (unsure) That…