Google’s Department of Misinformation

So you know the way Google announces something, even teeny tiny things and the world (including me) goes woo and aww and all that and many wonder what this means and what great plan this project is part of? I do wonder does Google and the other giant techcos have a misinformation department like the Allied Forces had during World War II where they had fake towns, inflatible tanks and planes and the like? I even wonder do they team up and create a fake project and then Yahoo! would create a fake counter-project just to feck with the heads of us fanboys. It reminds me of the Gary Larson cartoon where a surgeon discovers if he presses one part of a patient’s brain their leg jumps up.

Anyway, Google are asking people to stick up their Christmas photos on a world map of theirs and share em with the world. This got me to think that some Google initiatives are just for fun and nothing to do with business. Back to the Google photo map, so far no photos are up from Ireland. G’wan, stick em up.

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