Christmas pressie woes – Jan 5th on Radio 1

On January 5th I’ll be on the Marian Finucane Show trying to solve issues people have with their gadgets and toys they got for Christmas and how to sort them out in regards to refunds or exchanges or where to go if they can’t get them to work. Hopefully we won’t have any Microsoft ruins Christmas stories in the batch.

If you have issues with toys and gadgets and find fixes for them, let me know.

2 Responses to “Christmas pressie woes – Jan 5th on Radio 1”

  1. M Buckley says:

    Perhaps it would be worth balancing out the “issues” aspect of Christmas gifts with the extreme delight most people experience when swapping simple objects round?

    I was given my Christmas camera a few weeks ago, which gave plenty of time to get used to it and to have it up and running for the Festive Season.
    Many problems with new gifts are caused by their novelty. This is not to underestimate the fact that there are problems with some toys, which can be actually dangerous.

    It’s worth offering a reminder to buy plenty of batteries for the various gadgets that are popular.

    Here’s wishing you a Merry and “Issue-Free” Holiday!

  2. ben says:

    i would nearly feel obliged to conjur up the worst kinda technological-christmas-present-esque problem known to man and ring up and then ring up Joe Duffy the next to complain about the advice given..

    “eh no joe, marian told me to stick that piece of mechano into the SD memory slot of my new DS lite….”