The Ireland Caucus

Richard Delevan has released The Ireland Caucus, a place where Irish people can gather and discuss their preferences for the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. While most Irish can’t vote, we can influence and the way recent elections have been, every single vote will count. America might be over there but they have a hell of a lot of influence on us over here and the rest of the world.

As Richard says:

But despite being directly affected by the result, 95% of the world’s population is, of course, disenfranchised. Shouldn’t you get a vote too?

So head over to The Ireland Caucus and bookmark it. Nice one Richard.

9 Responses to “The Ireland Caucus”

  1. walter says:

    This reminds me of that trip by a group of brits to red states in 2004. Did they really think a group of lecturing sanctimonious foreigners could influence people not to vote bush? Sadly it had the opposite effect.

  2. The Guardian/Clark County, Ohio thing? Yup, probably helped put Bush over the top in Ohio. This isn’t like that.

    For one thing, I’m organising, and unlike the Guardian I’m not about to be accused of bein’ antiAmerican.

    For another, the general election is different from the primaries that are about to start. The intra-party fights are almost always more interesting for political junkies. It’s less “we’re right, they’re wrong (good/evil, whatever)” than it’s a bit like a European multiparty election – horsetrading, tactical voting, rises and falls. It’s far more complex. The Iowa Caucus, for example, has a formula so complex (including second-preference mechanisms) that it makes Ireland’s STV system seem simple.

    But really – it’s just a bit of fun.

    PS – Have you voted yet??

  3. 73man says:

    How about an Ireland Caucus….for Ireland the next time out Richard?

  4. walter says:

    @Richard yep it was The Guardian all right. The most ill-conceived canvassing ever. It showed a gob-smacking level of condescension. I’d echo 73man’s comment. There are far too many bush-hating/palestinian-sympathising blowhards in this country who are more concerned with mocking bush than voting our own gobshite leader out. Let’s focus on fixing our own fucked up country first.
    p.s. I understand it’s just a bit of fun – I’ve been following the obama-clinton tit-for-tat – but seriously, can’t we just work on kicking our own incompetent fuckwits out of government. How much more of this can Irish people take ?

  5. Paul McClean says:

    Looking at the way the last election went here, we’d probably by crying out for a 3rd term for Bush!

  6. Paul McClean says: is a great place to keep abreast of things. No mention of Ron Paul at all there, Richard?!

  7. 73man says: Walt.

  8. 73man – or should we call you Eoin O’Mahony – maybe you’ll set one up for us next time to cover off the Irish election. I’m sure the 33 men you work for won’t mind.

  9. 73man says:

    Ow Richard, that hurt. Seeing as my name is on the bottom of my blog and my server identity is fairly easily obtained, that really smarts.

    I’ll never be critical again. I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll never mess with the powerful and influential. I’m off to confession.