Fluffy Links – Monday December 17th 2007

Is mise Donal Duck? RTE are oirishing Disney?

So people are now slow to trust Governments with their data? Took some time didn’t it?

A great summary of what Vendor Relationship Management is.

Via Kottke, love it:

Trying stuff is cheaper than deciding whether to try it.

Via RFJ Track all your packages in one go with Track the Pack.

Dickheads of the year. Irish version to follow? Twenty, ya want to make one?

There’s a competitor to Redbull in America for the girlie market and some sales proceeds goes to a breast cancer charity. It’s called Go Girl. That’s me modeling for them.

I bet she nagged him into it.

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  3. Niall O'K says:

    Cheers for the linkage.