Fluffy Links – Wednesday November 29th 2007

Mulley’s not so secret project No. 2 is live – Gastronom.ie – Irish Food and Drink aggregator. Kick the tyres but don’t twist off the aerial now!

There’s a blog for everything, like the Galway Public Libraries blog.

Burkie is also back.

Wii helps man find out his wife cheated on him. No, Mario did not say “She a cheating on you, witta me”.

Get a Bebo sim from o2. Basically it gives you a week’s free access to the mobile version of Bebo.

What the hell? Spud tourism? Don’t mention ze famine!

How to hack Facebook, kinda.

Nail and head. I Don’t Want To Consume Media That I Can’t Interact With.

The new Guinness domino ad, love it:

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday November 29th 2007”

  1. manuel says:

    I like your new project very swish indeed………I’m off to put mine to sleep with a lethal injection…….

  2. Rahood says:

    Thanks for the link to Galway Libraries Blog from that I did learn We paid for the Irish Times Archives to be digitised and put online for all to read if you are willing to pay the Premium Plus sub @€395 per year or go down to the cold and dank prefab … That aside I am heading down to Stillorgan Library today to try and figure out if the paywall is IP or cookie based.(wish me luck never used windows before)
    Expect the entire archive online and free to all in the NewYear.
    Spud tourism – I do not do Flash but I make an exception for StrongBad..
    Hacking FaceBook with an iframe–please–just extract the cookie and abuse the php script for your needs even if you are not partnered up it there for all to read. ah fark it’ here it is http://www.facebook.com/beacon/beacon.js.php
    For Facebook to run with this is just out of my league I can not get my head around it.

  3. flirty says:

    thanks for posting the guinness ad, just fab

  4. I can’t believe that potato thing is actually run by discoverireland.com.au

    Whats next? discoverireland.co.uk setting up a “badly tarmaced driveway” flash website?

    I fucking hate Australians though, so it’s just another stick to beat them with I suppose.

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