Paddy’s Valley – The meets and greets

With just a few days to go for Paddy’s valley, we have visits in place with Google, Apple, Facebook and SocialText and hopefully a few more to be announced as well. As well as that, Enterprise Ireland have organised an event on Tuesday evening where some of the Paddy’s Valley companies will pitch in front of some American VCs. The event starts at 1630 and ends after 2000. The Irish Ambassador will be in attendance. On Thursday we’ll be meeting the members of the Irish Network in San Francisco for another networking event from about 5 onwards. If any Irish company wants to contribute to the bar tab for the Thu night event, let us know.

We’re also trying to meet with some Irish folks that work in San Fran and the Valley while we’re over and a few of us are inviting other Valley people to smaller dinners where we can act like rabid fanboys, ok, not really, but close. If you are in or around San Fran or Silicon Valley from Dec 2nd to Dec 9th, let us know: paddysvalley { at }

3 Responses to “Paddy’s Valley – The meets and greets”

  1. walter says:

    Well done Damien and all involved for organising this. I wish I could be there.

  2. Don’t call it San Fran because that’s a sure-fire way to announce you’re merely a visitor. It’s the city. SF is fine. But San Fran is just like pronouncing a western Irish town as Gale-way.

  3. Good tip Bernie. I thought I was going to sound like a local by calling it San Fran.