Quick before the Best of Year Music Lists – Recommend me some stuff

Got some recent music recommendations for me before I go though the Best Of lists and find new music that way.

23 Responses to “Quick before the Best of Year Music Lists – Recommend me some stuff”

  1. Los Campesinos.

    And eek! delete that first one.

  2. Donal says:

    Fight Like Apes – feckin’ excellent: http://www.donal.ie/2007/10/30/fight-like-apes-at-mitchelstown-music-festival/

    Aaron Dillon, saw him recently and he plays support to Mick Flannery in the Everyman again: http://www.donal.ie/2007/11/20/aaron-dillon-at-the-roundy/

  3. roosta says:

    El-P “I’ll Sleep When Your Dead” – Dirty futuristic paranoid sci-fi hip-hop

  4. Sinéad says:

    I second that Fight Like Apes, they’re lunatics.

    Listening to Phantom is really all the recommendations that you need. 🙂

    You’ve probably heard Cowboy X there, check them out live though, they’re fantastic. Oh, so are Kopek. And Alphastates. And Superjimenez. And the Blonde Majority. And The Radio.

    Also, check out Tegan and Sara, not so much on Phantom as they’re Canadian.

  5. kirstie says:

    Animal Collective’s Strawberry Jam is quite possibly my favourite record of the year, also Les Savy Fav and Von Sudenfed both released awemazing stuff in the past 12 months. It hasn’t been a good music year for me, sadly.

  6. manuel says:

    The National – Boxer (my album of the year)
    Battles – Mirrored
    Wilco – Sky blue Sky

  7. Jim Dubh says:

    Agree with a lot of those. Also a few others that come quickly to mind…

    Feist / The Reminder.
    PJ Harvey / White Chalk
    Josh Ritter / The Historical Conquests Of…
    Editors / An End Has A Start
    Interpol / Our Love To Admire
    The Hold Steady / Boys And Girls In America

  8. charlie says:

    Efterklang! My discovery of the year and they’re playing Whelans on Wednesday..Try Tripper or the new album Parades…both are fab.

  9. “Untrue” – Burial.

    No, it’s not a Swedish death metal band.

  10. Anthony says:

    Foo Fighters – Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
    Rilo Kiley – Under the Blacklight
    Editors – An End Has A Start

  11. Will says:

    I’ll start with the unusual caveat that I don’t know how many of teh ones below will survive 2008…

    Singer songwriters…
    Missy Higgins
    “Where I stood” sounds like she’s channelling Fiona Apple

    One eskimO
    Damien Rice on his medication (we always knew he had the electronics)

    Lisa Mitchell
    A little annoying and soothing at the same time.

    Anya Marina
    Needs more coffee. And maybe lithium.

    Pop Scars….
    Marit Bergman
    She sounds like she belongs in the above bit, until you realise just how many mixes are in there. Pop

    The Moths
    A bit britpop, but fairly good

    Nut Bros
    Electro pop ain’t dead. even is this is more pop than electro
    Beware of their clan tartan

    Sam Sparro
    Is electrosoul a tag yet?

    Das Pop
    How can a Belgium have an estuary accent?

    The Slips
    CSS wannabes, but somehow spun off in their own direction. Better than the usual 4am crap. thats cause the The Spips have produced whole bunch of household names. No diea who gave then the Hienz contract.

    Mpho Skeef
    Label mates (Wall of Sound)who work together so well but on lighter stuff

    video – more their usual stuff.

    Lost Alone
    Hunting for Kerrang votes

    Hot Rocket
    A bit poppy.

    Warning, they have production values…

    and finally
    Well I’m going to throw something weird in to the mix…
    Elena Kats-Chernin who performs Eliza’s Aria
    http://www.myspace.com/elenakatschernin and
    but the Mark Brown remix of the Operatic piece is worth hearing…

  12. Paul says:

    Totally with Manuel on this one:

    The National – Boxer (also check out their equally excellent album Alligator)

    Battles – Mirrored (my album of the year)

    Anything by Jinx Lennon

    The new Sigur Ros DVD ‘Heima’ is also unbelievably good.

  13. Anthony says:

    Cannot understand why people seem to like Jinx Lennon. It’s random nonsense.

  14. Rahood says:

    They are not new but if you do not have a copy of The Kleptones ‘A Night At The Hip-Hopera’ you can pick it up on their site. Its a couple of years old but never fails to knock the socks off people when they hear it for the first time.

  15. Paul says:

    Also, it’s a 2006 album, but there’s an album called Out of the Angels by a band called Amusement Parks on Fire that’s well worth a listen.

    Anthony: it’s called “subjectivity”

  16. Duke Special all the way!

  17. Justin Mason says:

    Of Montreal, Hissing Fauna – Are You The Destroyer? my tip for album of the year alongside Sound of Silver…

  18. roosta says:

    Cannot understand why people seem to like Jinx Lennon. It’s random nonsense.

    Since when was random a bad thing? Or nonsense for that matter? Both those words mean fun to me., and Jinx is lots of fun.

  19. Noel Rock says:

    Jeez, I knew Rilo Kiley would come up here: only reason their new album should be held in any esteem is because of their past works. Go get their old albums instead.

  20. Anthony says:

    @Paul: point taken, it is subjective.

    @roosta: Random can be good but I just don’t define what he does as music.

    @Noel Rock: Must check out some of their older stuff as tbh, I haven’t heard it.

  21. roosta says:

    Hmm….OK. You mightn’t like it, but you cant say its not music.

    Its funny, Jinx seems to elicit passionate responses both for and against. People who dont like him seem to go out of their way to criticize him, rather than to just ignore him. But, to each their own and all that.

  22. Mary Ann says:

    Josh Ritter is pretty good with Historical Conquests