Science Week Competition Day 5 – The best invention in 2007?

Final day. Final chance. With so many people not going online to blog today, you might have a greater chance. The question for the Science Week competition today is:

In your opinion what was the best invention in 2007?

Now don’t forget to link to the Science Week website for this and every entry this week! Happy blogging.

David is already out the gates and suggests the One Laptop Per Child.

M Buckley says Functionalized Nanoporous Thin Films.

Sinéad says the ZymeQuest Blood Simple Machine

Johnny says Xerox’s Erasable Paper.

Bernie says MammaPrint.

Kevin suggests a Facebook Application.

Daragh says Monkey Cloning.

Cian says something better than Velcro.

Joe says the Facebook API.

Treasa doesn’t know.

Conor says the BiancaMed Overnight Sleep Monitor

Tensare says a hamster shredder. No, not that kinda of thing.

Simon says his son. Best answer ever.

Will says the haptic screen.

Darran says the iPhone.

29 Responses to “Science Week Competition Day 5 – The best invention in 2007?”

  1. M Buckley says:

    This is my contribution. I’m not sure where to send it, however.

    Great question. There are so many patents pending around the World for practical inventions that make life easier and safer.

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  3. Johnny K says:

    Science Week: In my opinion what was the best invention in 2007?…

    Fifth Science Week Post: In my opinion what was the best invention in 2007?
    In my opinion the best invention of 2007 is Xerox’s breakthrough in erasable paper. The reason why I chose this invention is three fold.

    We need to reduce our paper usa…

  4. Sinéad says:

    It’s a pity that this is the last day, I was enjoying it. 🙂

  5. Dave. says:

    I don’t think I’ve posted this much in one week since I started the blog! See the lengths we will go to for a Wii!!

    Still having no luck finding one for christmas – starting to enter other competitions to try and win one. 🙁

  6. M Buckley says:

    I don’t even know what a Wii is… Now I’m off to see what science propels it.

  7. […] I all but stopped reading newspapers this year, online or offline. Though it is, I suppose, the field I find most interesting, it would be with some difficulty that I choose a most significant political or social development of 2007. So imagine how little I’ve truly taken in about exciting scientific developments. But I think, as far as the trivial, quotidian stuff goes, Scrabble on Facebook is due praise. […]

  8. Damien says:

    @Sinéad Perhaps we should continue this every week. Maybe one topical post a week on science? Like a book club. People have a week to come up with their answer?

    @Dave Argos in Mahon had 20 last week but sold out in days.

  9. […] I feel I have failed in this scientific endeavour. […]

  10. Dave. says:

    Gamestop in Santry had the largest shipment in Dublin and they’ve all gone. Ditto across the Gamestops in the city. Smiths are cleaned out too.

    This could be a bleak christmas… something out of a dickensian novel. (Well maybe not quite that bad at all)

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  12. The final contribution… Monkey clones

    Never again will I need to buy a new wardrobe for my Monkey Butler when the current one pops his clogs… I’ll just dust off an identical facsimile and pop him in the tux and let him answer my emails for me. (or is that Facebook)

  13. […] Damien suggests that there’s a better than average chance of winning a Wii today in Science Week Ireland’s competition, and that’s all the inducement I need to blog about the best invention of 2007. The problem is, as a Politics and Philosophy student who doesn’t usually pay too much attention to matters of science and technology, I’m not aware of what useful inventions 2007 witnessed, or rather I wasn’t until I did some research on the matter (you see, Science Week does promote engagement with science!). […]

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  16. Will says:

    I’m back again, and this time I’m promoting the HAPTIC screen

    however Bruce Crower engine deserves an honourable mention

  17. Here’s my long winded entry:

    I have to agree with Sinead. These questions were very much insperational and gave me a purpose to blog, regardless of the brilliant prize.

    Also, not to nitpick Damien, but my link and Johnny Keyes links were mixed up on yesterday’s one.

  18. Damien says:

    Oh right, well you’ll get twice your money back so.

  19. Sinéad says:

    I like the idea of a weekly topic. It’s a great form of brain training. 🙂

  20. Damien says:

    @Sinéad Want to lead off with the first question for next week? Do it on your blog.

  21. frank says:

    not going to claim it’s the best invention, just wanted you to know this comment was written on an iPod touch. Mmmmmmmm… Sexy.

  22. Kevin says:

    So, ah, have the winners been secretly announced?

  23. Sinéad says:

    I got an email about it…

    Thanks for participating in the Science Week blog competition. The winners are:

    * What was your favourite invention from your childhood? – Kevin Breathnach
    * What invention would you most like to see in the future – Brian from
    * What is the next gadget you plan to buy? – Monscooch
    * What was the best invention of 2007? – Poetbloggs
    * What invention helps you most with your working life – Johnny Keyes

  24. Dave. says:

    Science saved christmas. Or least that’s what I’m telling people.