Science Week Ireland blogging competition Day 1 entries

Simon on a torch.

Conor on the ZX Spectrum.

David on books.

Catherine on calculators.

Joe on Lego.

Kevin on K’Nex.

Other Joe on Mario Kart.

Paul on the Acorn.

Ken on the tape.

Seán on the Internet.

Will on speed dial and transformers!

Cian on the Playstation.

Red Mum on the rubicks cube.

Simon McGarr – The Calculator.

Darran on VHS.

Bernie on the phone.

Sinéad on Hotmail.

Suzy on Simon.

Treasa remembers the Etch-a-sketch.

You have til midnight to talk about your fav invention. The odds are fantastic to win a Wii! Get blogging. Also keep in mind the topics for the next few days.

6 Responses to “Science Week Ireland blogging competition Day 1 entries”

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  2. Cian Boland says:

    I just posted my entry a moment ago. Thanks for raising awareness of this great chance to win a Nintendo Wii Science Week.

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  6. Johnny K says:

    I was a bit late with first post Damien (it was after midnight) but I’ve answered questions 1 and 2.