Nokia and Carphone Warehouse launch free Nokia Concierge service if …

You buy one of the following contract phones from Carphone Warehouse: Nokia N95, N95 8GB, E90, E61i, 8600 Luna, 8800 or 6120.

Link to more details. Small print is here.


This holiday season, why not live the movie star life-style with the Exclusive New Nokia Concierge Card. Need a table at a top restaurant, VIP tickets to the must-attend concerts or perhaps you need to organise a party for the loved on in your life or you lack the free time for mundane tasks, such as taking the cat to the vet or grocery shopping? With Nokia Concierge Service, you have easy access behind the velvet rope, whether it’s a full-service travel planner, personal shopper, city entertainment guide, home maintenance guru, all-purpose coordinator or research expert. The Nokia Concierge Service will deliver on anything and everything you will ever need. The perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas!

3 Responses to “Nokia and Carphone Warehouse launch free Nokia Concierge service if …”

  1. Rahood says:

    from their blurb….

    “For your business KUDOS will
    Create emotional connections with your customer base and enhance brand perception which will drive meaningful business results.”

  2. John says:

    Saw this a while back, but couldn’t quite figure out where the revenue stream is.

    Anyone know if you get charged for the service when you use it?

  3. Damien says:

    It seems to be a service that hooks you up with other service providers and they charge you. Personal shoppers etc. are other service providers. Looks like Nokia Concierge make money back in referral fees.