Green Party: Praise due for blogosphere engagement

Since I said well done to Labour today (and prob had some people choke on their fairtrade cornflakes and soy milk brekkies) I should also give praise for the level of engagement by the Green Party. Recently Roderic O’Gorman and Ciaran Cuffe left comments on my blog post about them turning their backs on samesex marriage. I still don’t agree with the comments on follow-up blog posts and I still think they’re modern day judases but that’s ok. The good thing about them is that they’re engaging and this is definitely the first time members of the Government have officially engaged, in this medium at least. Great to see that. They’ve continued to blog once inside the tent (Galway horseracing one or not) and continued to leave blog comments. A big step in changing policy is first being able to engage so personally I find this a positive thing. I also see that their press people are going around leaving comments on blogs and via email and clarifying some facts. Again well done. This is good for everyone, it shows the Greens are listening and it is helping bloggers by sharing factual information with them too. Baby steps…

3 Responses to “Green Party: Praise due for blogosphere engagement”

  1. Caoimhin says:

    Great to hear of some political interaction in the blogosphere, you must have rattled some cages? 🙂

  2. Chaz says:

    Now if some intelligent part of the green gene pool could replace eamonn ryan !

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