Gadget Lust – ASUS Eee PC 701


Asus EEPCShips in 6 days. I want. Once I get it running with a 3G USB modem that is.

• Display : 7″
• CPU & Chipset : Intel Mobile CPU & chipset
• Operating System : Linux System/ Hardware Compatible with Windows XP
• Communication : 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
• WLAN : WiFi 802.11b/g
• Memory : 512MB, DDR2
• Storage : 4GB S.S.D. (Solid-State Disk)
• Web-Cam : 0.3 Mega Pixel Video camera
• Audio : Hi-Definition audio CODEC, Built-in stereo speaker, Built-in microphone
• Keyboard : Qwerty UK keyboard
• Expansion: 3 x USB ports
• Battery Life : 3 hrs (4 cells)
• Dimension & Weight : 22.5 x 16.4 x 2.15~3.5 cm, less than 1kg

16 Responses to “Gadget Lust – ASUS Eee PC 701”

  1. Adam says:

    I’m right behind you in that gadget lust – would be perfect for working on the go.

    From what I’ve seen, however, you might want to pay the extra for the 8GB version (which is out early next year here i think) as the machine ships with over 2GB taken for the applications… then again if you’re just going to be using it for stuff like word processing and surfing that wouldn’t be too much of a concern – and you can always slap in a USB flash drive or an SD card.

  2. Rahood says:

    I’m waiting on one from the US 😉 but in the mean time you might like to take the default Xandros linux interface for a run…

    Fan Site:

  3. Paul McClean says:

    Had my eye on these for a while… really nice little yokes. Much better value than a lot of UMPC’s floating around these days. Apparently they can run Ubuntu too.

  4. Paul McClean says:

    Also, there’s a post on ( for getting those 3G USB modems working. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much hassle getting it to work with Xandros (and super geeky fun).

  5. Alexia says:

    Bah – it’s too small and finicky.. A 7″ screen.. Nah

  6. Maman Poulet says:

    bold Mulley….now a review of similar type products would be great??

  7. Dan says:

    512Mb of ram ! Enough said.

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  9. liam noonan says:

    A colleague of mine ordered one the other day (it wasn’t Bernie). Will get to see it in action next week,

  10. DonegalGuy says:

    It can have 1Gb of RAM. As far as i have seen, screwing off a little section of the back its easy to add! And a nice 250gb USB External will go nicley with it!

    Its small, but nice small! Handy small. And they amount of thing a person could get done with this, who is busy and on the go, would be incredible.

    As far as i know, there is/were 2 rivals to this, The palm Foleo has been taken of the market, which is a shame coz it looked so great! And there is another, which is called the VIA NanoBook.

    And you can put XP on it! not that youd want to but, option there!

  11. Cian says:

    That’d be a nice companion to my err… desktop replacement, for just word processing etc.

    Cheep as chips too. Might just pick some up sometime I have a bit of cash to spend.

  12. Stuff magazine says the screen is much smaller than it looks in reality.

  13. Liam says:

    Arrived yesterday, ordered 7th December 2007.

    Well worth the wait. Its great. Out of the box, and surfing in less than 1 minute. Spent about 5 mins looking at the ‘Easy mode’ interface, then slapped in a sd card with a compressed movie on it. Ran perfectly. Then enabled the advanced mode and I’ve got a full blown linux desktop. Have used it for skype, ssh, and remote desktop (both ways). Fixed ethernet and WIFI both work perfectly.

    Firefox is great on it, no problems with most sites (some lateral scrolling for those over 800 px wide). Have successfully used it on a busy CMS backend (TYPO3).

    The Xandros distro of Linux is great and very friendly for those more used to MS Windows.

    Right shift key is out of position (to the right of the up cursor key and same size as cursor key). This is the major annoyance so far.

    Maybe a bigger internal HD (it has 4Gb and most gets used by system and apps), but its not a big issue with external SD or USB drives able to supply plenty of storage.

    No problems typing otherwise and I don’t have small fingers 🙂

    Next steps.. Find a suitable bag/case to house it and its power plug, headphones, usb powered external HD, usb mouse. Plenty of candidates including hand gun cases e.g.

    for only $12.75

    There is also a touchscreen mod that is tempting.

    Will be interesting to see how future variants do against competitors like the Cloudbook.

  14. John says:

    A friend got one of these last week. Does it work with a 3G USB modem?

    If so I’m tempted to get one.

  15. Niall O Broin says:

    Yes – I used mine with an O2 modem, and it worked fine. Returned the modem and now use it with a Nokia E51 via BT or direct cable connection and both work fine. With the cable, it’s plug and play. Bluetooth is a little more effort.