Ciarán Guff – Green Party slit more throats for power

A Suzy points out, this time it’s the people that want civil unions who have had their throats slit in order for the Greens to stay in power. The spine of the Green Party must be completely eroded now judging by the way they’ve contorted themselves to bend over backwards in new ways for Fianna Fáil. Seriously, if I was a FF supporter I’d be so entertained at the hazing they’re giving the Greens.

Suzy covers what the Greens are telling fibs about now and how their abortion of the original Civil Union Bill does sweet fuck all at the end of the day so go there to read it. For me while pissed off at the latest shameful attitude from them I’m really sad for them too. They keep saying they need to be pragmatic and they talk up what they’ve achieved so far but they’re running out of things to achieve though since they’re turning their backs on their own policies more and more. What’s left from their manifesto that they haven’t sold down the river? Surely they should just quit while they are ahead now or are they in it for Ministerial Pensions? Where’s Trevor Sargent in all of this by the way? He’s been really quiet. When will it be his turn to turn the knife on his own supporters?

I’m surprised that the new Party Chairman hasn’t at least attempted to create some fake conflict in the party so make it look like the Green Troops are pissed off over all of this and he has to work hard to keep the party from leaving Government. I guess this negotiating tactic can’t be used for at least another year or two. But what about a genuine party revolt, are the party faithful *that* faithful and blind?

7 Responses to “Ciarán Guff – Green Party slit more throats for power”

  1. Erm, am I the only one who more or less assumed that this was going to happen? They do, after all, have to stay in with the voters…

    That said, I’ve never trusted the Greens, especially not after attending a debate (on nuclear power) where Sargent was one of the speakers…

  2. Dan Sullivan says:

    Say what you like about the PDs but at least they knew how to make the most of their leverage when government, even now Mary gets the run of the dept. of Health when they have just 2 seats.

  3. UnaRocks says:

    They’re finished with voters anyway, I think. I certainly won’t be voting for them again considering they’ve reneged on all of the issues that made me vote for them in the first place. Although, none of this matters because they’re in government for the next four years anyway.

  4. tipster says:

    A less-widely discussed aspect of the whole issue is where the lgb community has been on this. The National Lesbian and Gay Federation has an advert in the current issue of GCN inviting members of the lgb community to particpate in a conference on the issue of same-sex partners and their rights to be held at the end of the month.

    (As far as I know, the only organisation that has actually called for the ban on same-sex marriages to be lifted in the Irish Council for Civil Liberties.)

  5. Brian says:

    I’m with Una – a Green got my number one this time around, but it won’t happen again if they keep going at this rate. Earlier this year they were on the other side of this bill, and now they can’t even try to strain the leash of their FF masters. It’s shameful and sickening.

  6. Maman Poulet says:

    Ah tipster time for reflection indeed…

    the federation that is neither national or a federation is holding a conference involving lots of people not from Ireland when what’s really need is discussions amongst ourselves on the mess facing us… Ah yes…

  7. Sharon . says:

    Hi !

    “But what about a genuine party revolt, are the party faithful *that* faithful and blind? ”

    – the ‘faithful’ and those they are ‘faithful’ to have apparently shared the same inoculation* and are now no longer (?) wary of the atmosphere surrounding ‘Planet Bertie’ .
    (* A bitter Green pill , perhaps..?)