Ace Internet Marketing (the ones whole stole from me) – More veiled threats and admission of guilt

So Aidan Doran from Ace Internet Marketing was on to me again saying I’ll get an apology and said he got legal advice about my “copywrite” claims from his legal team and they are at odds with what I say. Perhaps they are confused about copyright and copywrite. Hint: They are not the same. I wonder is the legal team outsourced too and I wonder was their opinion actually their own or did they lift that from a blog? The same way my content was lifted and stolen and put on the Ace Internet Marketing blog. Aidan said I can’t republish the email he sent me so I won’t because I’ll honour that, not because I’m legally obliged. Instead I’ll summarise it.

Aidan also in this latest email goes on to suggest that people who work for Ace (his words) are gunning for me now because when Ace stole my content and I wrote about it, it hurt their livelihoods and they are pissed over it. Apparently all of these people now are going to get me. This is my reading of the email.

Aidan, dear child, telling me that your employees/associates are out to get me and it is an issue between me and them, is a threat from Ace Internet Marketing in my books. One I will of course pass on to the correct people to deal with this. You’d have been better off keeping your mouth shut but as has been shown from your numerous childish anonymous comments as “Paul” and your constant harassing emails, this is something that you just don’t seem to be able to do. (I’ll now expect another rebuke via the emailternet)

History repeats and repeats and repeats.

32 Responses to “Ace Internet Marketing (the ones whole stole from me) – More veiled threats and admission of guilt”

  1. Sinéad says:

    What do you expect from a bunch of guys that started out as an Internet Cafe? They run about 4 or 5 different companies in Maynooth Business Campus. Started out as

    In the past they’ve come up with novel ideas such as selling mobile phone contracts from an internet cafe.

  2. I’m loving Ace Internet Marketing’s web site:

    Anyone who does business with a “internet marketing” company that can’t even get their own site designed properly needs their collective heads examined.

  3. squid says:

    Maybe his solicitor is from india too?

  4. Jim Carroll says:

    Don’t these people realise that Mulley is the Brother Mouzone of the Irish interweb?

  5. Colin says:

    Jesus will this guy ever learn?!

    I suppose he could always get a job at Monster if Ace Marketing doesn’t work out – Spammers of the world unite!

  6. “Don’t these people realise that Mulley is the Brother Mouzone of the Irish interweb?”

    Would that make Ace the Stringer Bell?! We all know what happened there

  7. Damien says:

    Jim, that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. *teary eyed*

  8. Jim Carroll says:

    Paul (not that Paul) – Ace? Stringer Bell? Good god man, no! Ace are, let me see, more like Herc

    Damien – It was either that or Omar

  9. Twenty Major says:

    This is just classic.

  10. Jim: Ace => Ziggy Sobotka!

  11. Adam says:

    What did you expect Damien – if you stop a criminal from making a living through crime, they’re bound to turn nasty!

    … Maybe that’s what happened to Twenty’s eye…

  12. Sean says:

    We should all save up and get Damien a full-time lawyer to do nothing but sit by his desk! 🙂

    Seriously though, hilarious article, certainly bring’s the phrase “digging a hole” to mind!

  13. Jim Carroll says:

    Jim: Ace => Ziggy Sobotka!


    that’s the one!

  14. Ace Internet Wanking

    We toss off so you don’t have to.

  15. Colm Doyle says:

    Someone start playing the Fair City music or something…

    “Next week, on”

    Will Damien get his revenge? Is Paul actually Aidan’s secret twin? Does Daithí have a secret Indian love child who works for Ace?


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  17. So, the message is, “because you wrote about this, people will harass you and potentially cost you time and money, but it’s not our fault”?


  18. Liam says:

    This is hilarious, been following it the whole time, better than an Eastenders plot, and with more lame gangster dialogue. So ACE are going to get you? They must be a little on the slow side, Damien, everyone here gets you already.

    Better just to take this on the chin, ACErs, it could get ugly. Or at least, protracted and immensely humorous at your expense.

  19. Gary P says:

    You’ve got to laugh when the website of a company specialising in internet marketing has only got a Google pagerank of 3.

  20. Robin says:

    I for see them forgoing their branding….que company name change when they spot these and

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  22. roosta says:

    how long till a mulley or bock reference to them takes over the number one spot on google for searching their name??

  23. Sam Kidd says:

    I came across this site the other day. Then after reading this post I thought a few of you might be interested in it. It’s a good way to check who’s stealing your content.

  24. Gary P says:

    Copyscape gets really confused by track backs though. It makes it useless for monitoring blog plagiarism.

  25. Sam Kidd says:

    Yea the trackbacks are a pain.

  26. mj says:

    Damien, where do you find these arseholes?

    And Ace Internet Marketing are employing excellent SEO techniques to get themselves ranked as “Stupidest Company on the Island”

  27. Red Mum says:

    This is gone beyond silly at this stage, and saying the guys are gunning for you is just ridiculous.

    I suppose they don’t realise how many people, especially people in the business they are in, have been reading this moronic series of events here on mulley and are concluding that ace are infact not ace at all.

    Seriously lads give it up, you haven’t a leg to stand on.

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  29. Damien, you’re always negative. Why are you so negative?

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