Irish Blogger stats – Using Technorati, Feedburner and Google Reader

Justin Mason has a handy service which matches bloggers from the list on with their Technorati rank. Now either using their Feedburner stats (if they have them) or Google reader I’ve created a very rough estimate of the total feed audience for the “Top Ten” Irish Blogs. Perhaps with the Google Reader API, the Technorati list could also be updated to include feed subscriptions?

1 883
2 534 + 712 (two feedburner feeds)
3 59 + 43 + 8 (RSS ATOM RDF)
4 13
5 31 + 906
6 727
7 8 + 76
8 852
9 590 + 235 Atom RDF
10 415

14 Responses to “Irish Blogger stats – Using Technorati, Feedburner and Google Reader”

  1. Twenty Major says:

    Dirty spam trackback there, Mulley.

    I’m not in the list at all. Does this mean I’m not Irish?

  2. Justin Mason says:

    Yeah, I’d be on for doing that. is there a public API I can query (or public webpage I can look up) to get the Google Reader subscriber numbers?

    Twenty, wtf. I think it’s because the list (which my thingy uses to find the blogs) lists your site as , instead of in … you might want to get them to update that. Anyway, I’ve added the address manually, and you’re back in now!

  3. John Breslin says:

    Just to clarify, the list of blogs comes from Planet Journal’s OPML list.

  4. John Breslin says:

    Actually, I’m going to reset the blogs list now to clear old crud. It’ll take a day or two to recrawl all the (live) blogs and have a full OPML feed again…

  5. It’s harder to get into that OPML file than it looks. I know I’ve submitted an address more than once.

    [Meanwhile, does Linden Lifestyles count? It’d hit this list at #4 and Justin’s around #9 if it were in there.]

  6. Paul Walsh says:

    Our stats on Technorati have always been very strange, possibly ecause our entire site is based on wordpress. Trackbacks to for example, are counted as a different site to

    So combining all the stats, we’d beat the lot of ya 😉 Well, either that or we’d end up at the bottom of the heap with Twenty Major 😉

  7. I have no idea what those numbers mean.

    incidentally, Mr Mulley, is there any way that I can import all my posts etc to the new wordpress from’s retro WP-MU(?)

    I think it’s affecting my rating…

  8. Damien Mulley is the number one threat to Irish Productivity…

    Forget inflation, overpaid government ministers or a still bubbling Irish property market. According to Webmarshal (a net nanny type product that many Corporates use to restrict access to certain websites), the biggest threat to Irish Economic Success …

  9. John Breslin says:

    John Handelaar: I have a backlog of 150 blogs to get through, maybe you’re in there somewhere…

    I hadn’t realised that SL blog was Irish.

  10. Justin Mason says:

    Paul — there’s a few sites that should be combined! I wonder if it’d be possible to contact T’rati to get them to fix that…

    John — alternatively, mail me with the extra blogs’ URLs and I can add them on my end.

  11. Paul Walsh says:

    @Justin – I did try but no response. It’s very weird because the inbound links go to my profile amongst other profiles, the blog etc etc. They all appear to be seen as separate blogs for some strange reason – hence why our stats are weird. I’m not too concerned though as I don’t measure analytics for the blog. I measure the quality of relationship building. When the Head of Brand Innovation for McCann Worldwide says that mine is the only blog he reads that’s special.

    @John, by SL you don’t mean Segala right? If you do, then yeah of course it’s Irish 🙂

  12. Justin Mason says:

    I’ve just added and, btw: .

  13. John Breslin says:

    Justin – sent you the details…

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