Ace Internet Marketing – How about NOT stealing my content?

Ta very much lads. It’s not just me either who have been wholesale copied and pasted.

Update: Seems they’ve read this post now after seeing the trackbacks. I contacted you earlier today lads. Get the lead out.

Update 2: They’ve stopped infringing my copyright but are still stealing content from everywhere else. How much should I charge for use of my content for the past 6 hours?

Update 3: It seems it was the fault of their outsourced people. From an email:

We outsource some of our content creation to two separate companies in India, they create original content and also use republished content from sources that allow republication. I know that this is not the case with your content and that a mistake was made by the individual concerned. In fairness i dont think anything underhanded was intended as she actually credit your site with the content and also you as the author.

This though is untrue. I’ve taken the time (since I’m nice like that) to contact all those who have had their content republished. I can’t find any of them allowing for republication and attribution should at lease contain a working link if they did allow it. This is a wreckless attitude and an Irish business, especially one involved in Internet Marketing should know how copyright works.

Update: Ace Internet Marketing have instructed me that I’m posting defamatory statements here and are suggesting they might take action. They are also telling me to stop publishing excerpts of their emails to me. I’ll honour the latter for future emails. In other news I’m already hearing back from others I’ve contacted who feature on the Ace Internet Marketing “blog”. Stay tuned folks.

Update: Aidan Doran has admitted via email that he is Paul. His IP has been banned from my blog.

Yet another update: Now another anonymous person from a anon proxy address is leaving abusive comments. An IP address that has left nasty comments on Daithí’s blog too.

71 Responses to “Ace Internet Marketing – How about NOT stealing my content?”

  1. Paul Walsh says:

    I see this a lot with blogs who sell google adwords around the posts. But never have I seen a marketing company do it. Bad show and not very ‘ace’ is it.

  2. Keith says:

    That is one badly designed website too. No link from the page where they reposted your story, and the front page looks a total mess in Firefox.

  3. Anthony says:

    That’s ridiculous. All they seem to be doing is copying and pasting articles.

  4. I love how they say “re-issued article”, as if they’d given you a choice in the matter.

  5. Copyright-infringement-tastic, batman!

  6. Branedy says:

    Have you tried contacting them yet? Looks like a RIAA violation to me.

  7. Rahood says:

    Its those muppets from *wink*

    Mulley could fix your timestamps please.

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  9. Daithí says:

    I have an idea on how we can tell Ace what we think of them: see . Give it a shot 😉

  10. Amit says:

    The same content without even a link to the original article, thats really shameful act done shamelessly. Just a mention of “original author”, as if you write for the company blog.

  11. Damien says:

    I contacted these people already today, they didn’t seem too pressured about it despite telling them they were infringing all sorts of copyrights.

  12. Daithí says:

    Publish their response 😉

  13. Keith says:

    Actually, you should get Daithí to write them an angry legal-ese email demanding removal of your copyright material from their site and the standard €500 per word per hour charge you levy on all re-use of materials from your site unless another rate is agreed.

  14. Damien says:

    Blog post updated with the latest news.

  15. John says:

    Are you sure you are not being a bit anal about this Damien, they did credit you and also linked to you, i have seen much worse instances of abuse in the past..

  16. Damien says:

    Interesting IP you have there “John”.

  17. “I stole this car, but it’s okay because I have put a sign on it implying that a garage gave it to me for free.”

    Yes, right, that’s sensible.

  18. Daithí says:

    “John” from “”. Seems to have a very similar writing style (or lack of style) to the excerpt of the email quoted in the original post. Just a coincidence, I’m sure. What else could it be?

  19. Paul Walsh says:

    I’ve just clicked through from the email update, assuming that ‘John’ would be anonymous and of course I’m right. I’m fed up with spineless idiots who clearly work for the companies who are being flamed. It’s so obvious to anyone with half a brain.

  20. Paul Walsh says:

    Just noticed that Damien has responded.

    Dear idiots, please note that it’s possible to track your IP address. Smart people can find out exactly where you are. Feel silly?

    John and co, why don’t you come to the next BIMA Breakfast Bite where Damien can give you a few tips before or after he gives a talk about social media?

  21. Damien says:

    @PaulWalsh that has to be the most outrageous plug ever for a high-quality, good value, entertainment and education packed business event in a fantastic location, I have ever seen. Shame on you for plugging, probably the most important event on social networks for business ever seen in the UK.

  22. Paul Walsh says:

    @DamienMulley LMAO

  23. Paul Walsh says:

    … reading back, you do realise I was plugging you Damien, right? Hand on bible (even if I am an el cart catholic), I didn’t even think of plugging the ‘event’. Honest, your lordship.

    I’ve pimped it enough as it is 😉

  24. Damien says:

    LOL, yes I do Paul. 🙂 I must pimp it too though!

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  26. Segala says:

    How not to react to negative social conversation…

    If you read my BIMA blog, please go no further as this is a duplicate of a post I published there already.
    If you’re a brand guardian, have you ever wondered how to respond to bloggers who make negative comments about your products or services? Have …

  27. Darragh says:

    The article on their site is gone 🙁 – all I’m getting is a

    Not Found

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    message. Which is a shame – they had an interesting opportunity to put something up there. But I like what else that isn’t there – an easy link to their main website, anything about what they do (other than helping business – err, how?) and as Keith says above, a shoddy design that leaves a bad impression.

    Well done Sir for highlighting this. Certainly not a good first impression and one that will be remembered. “Ace” – pfffft!

  28. Paul says:

    Nice comments here chaps, you people are really nice people , intelligent people, so so intelligent… You all have one thing in common, telling everyone just how great you are.. me me me me… Sad…


  29. Damien says:

    Same IP there again eh “Paul”? Also I notice you sign your comment with the same moronic symbol used in emails I got from Ace Internet Marketing. How’s your google listing btw?

  30. Paul Walsh says:

    @Paul – you’re absolutely right. I’m tired of talking about me. So, what do you think about me? BTW, I’m launching a new social marketing course in the UK which I could extend to Ireland just for your company (Ace Marketing?)

  31. Paul says:

    You are so clever Damien, and you also have some other great qualities like modesty and kindness…

    Nice site you have here..


  32. Proof if ever it were needed that blogging is not just about using a blogging platform.

    It is about integrity whatever the subject is.

    As for our friend Damien…been there with a HR company – after several abusive comments from “anon”, I pointed in an email address he kindly left for me, that the IP address was coming from the company itself…

    …fair play, he ‘fessed up and I never heard from him again!!

  33. Paul Walsh says:

    @Paul F – I had the same from a muppet working for a Carphone Warehouse partner after I slagged them off in one of my many ‘Carphone Warehouse are muppets’ posts.

  34. Paul says:

    You see, you chaps have nothing good to say, you are always on the offensive, where did anyone make any derogatory comments about any of you? …nowhere.

    Carry on, but, remember so much negative energy will only come back on you somewhere along the line..

    Have a nice Life…

  35. @Paul: Damien has a fascinating blog which is read by thousands.

    Ace Internet Marketing appears to be a magpie’s nest of random content, at least partially ripped off, awful stock photography and rather incestuous relations with And an Alexa rank of over a million.

  36. Paul says:

    You see, there you go again, negative comments,

    Wow i feel so negative just posting here. I have noticed that there are only a few regular posters here and you are all the same and dwell on negativity.

    I think that negativity breeds negativity so i wont be drawn in…
    Are you all so intelligent and perfect that you have never made any mistakes?
    I think not.

  37. You have an interesting definition of ‘mistake’, there, Paul.

    I mean, what should we be saying? “Oh, yay, what a nice website! Please come and steal content from me next!”?

    Ironically, I’m sure that said cretinous website has gotten more publicity out of this little incident than it has ever had before.

  38. Paul Walsh says:

    @Paul – again you’re demonstrating your lack of knowledge/experience regarding blogs and social media more widely.

    Don’t judge a blog’s audience by the people who post comments. For example, I don’t post often on this blog but read it regularly. I don’t even visit the blog often, I tend to read it via my RSS reader.

    Furthermore, I’ve blogged about this post on and put it on my Facebook profile – combined, the audience goes well into the thousands – of which, many are extremely senior people within the digital industry and well connected.

    Note that my audience is mainly marketers/commercial people who don’t subscribe by RSS. So don’t assume that Damien’s audience is restricted to the number of subscribers as this is a silly measurement in my opinion.

    I’m guessing that a lot of Damien’s readers are journalists and bloggers, thereby, likely to discuss this with other people. Think of it as pyramid marketing of the worst kind for Ace Marketing.

    Regarding your comment about negativity; it’s not always negative. This post is obviously going to be negative. Not because of the way in which Ace Marketing used Damien’s content, but their manner/response to his request to remove his content.

    Had Ace Marketing simply apologised and removed the content and perhaps taken the time to respond to his post, it would have been the end of it. In fact, Damien might have even updated his post or written a new one to applaud their reaction, thereby demonstrating how the company understand social marketing.

  39. Paul says:

    There you go again, you really just cant help yourself.
    Digging, insinuating, looking for chinks.

    Stay negative and keep attacking people and see where it gets you.
    Nowhere, with no friends expert others who are like you, that wont last for long as you will soon run out of victims and turn on each other.

    I have not said anything bad here about anyone here, nor will i in spite of you constantly trying to draw me in to your world..

    You are all nice people, perhaps a little bit negative at times..

    Im off now to greener pastures where the nice people hang out..

  40. Damien says:

    Paul AKA Aidan, how’s your SEO for the site going for you now? Some of the bloggers you keep threatening seem to be ranking well for your business name now. Reputation suicide by way of pissing off bloggers.

  41. Victims? _Victims_?! How, in any way, shape or form, is that bloody website a victim here? Damien’s the victim; he’s had his content stolen and had absurd legal threats made against him. What do you expect him to do? Be quiet about it?

    You may think that you’re being well-intentioned, and that the stealing of other peoples’ hard work isn’t a big deal if it’s on the Internet. If the victims don’t object to this sort of thing, however, the problem will just get worse. Copyright theft, both from giant corporations and from normal people, is already probably the Internet’s greatest problem. Do you actually want it to get worse?

    And Ace Internet Marketing really couldn’t have dealt with this problem in a sillier way if it had tried. If you are caught engaging in disreputable activities, the correct response is to stop, to apologise profusely and publicly, to try to make reparations in so far as is possible, and under no circumstances to make insane legal threats.

    @Damien: I’m just amused that this article is the second hit for ‘ace internet marketing’ at the moment.

  42. There’s no obligation on you to keep their emails confidential. I’d tell them to fuck off.

  43. Paul says:

    Again you are on the attack Robert, nothing positive to say.

    Also you have jumped to several conclusions, your information appears incorrect and second hand at best. I think these matters are between Damien and Ace and nothing to do with you.

    Stay with your negativity, if that what makes you feel good.

    But i think anyone who reads these posts will see just how aggressive you are and as both of us are bystanders in these instances and our comments are not relevant in the greater scheme of things..

  44. Paul says:

    Thanks paul

    You have posted something bordering on positive, whiich is out of character in this blog from what i can see,

    I’m not the one claiming to be an expert in any field, you guys seem to have this area well covered.

    Elitism exists in all walks of life and im sure it also exists here to some extent. Remember not everyone is as intelligent as you but i think you should take advantage of this fact as there is always someone who will come along who is smarter than you.

    So treat people in the same way you would like them to treat you.

  45. You’re a bystander? Really? Goodness.

    And I certainly see no problem with the wider community commenting on this sort of thing. I wrote a blog post on it, as did a number of others. It’s an interesting subject which effects a lot of people, and especially those who write popular content.

    Having your articles ripped off is no fun. It has happened to me a number of times, generally by sleazy American outfits. I was shocked and dismayed to see an Irish company doing it. I mean, really, what positive things should I be saying about Ace Internet Marketing? It has no redeeming virtues! It’s awful!

    As for elitism, there is nothing ‘elitist’ at showing your disgust when somebody steals the work of an author who you respect, and then makes silly threats against him. Which brings us to treating people the way we’d like them to treat them. Ace hasn’t exactly done THAT, now, has it?

  46. Paul says:

    Robert you should be careful with what you insinuate, this is a public forum.

    Nobody has cast any derogatory comments about you. You are making several derogatory claims that have no foundation.

    These are matters between Mr Mulley and Ace and it is unfair for you to make such allegations based on second hand information.

  47. Paul Walsh says:

    @Paul – I hire people who are smarter than me. Admittedly, that wouldn’t be difficult.

    You need to do a little research about the people to whom you give basic advice. My post wasn’t any less negative than the rest. It’s just worded differently. Furthermore, you obviously haven’t take the time to see what I wrote on my blogs. None of it is positive for Ace Marketing.

  48. I think I’ll have to post an article about the disgraceful and childish behaviour of Ace Internet Marketing in plagiarising the work of my fellow bloggers.

    I might even encourage all other bloggers I know to investigate this matter, and perhaps write about it if they feel outraged by Ace Internet mARKETING’S ACTIVITIES.

    I think I’ll also have to visit and enter their domain address ( to find out their company name. Then I’ll probably have to look up all their details at

  49. Paul: I have mentioned that Ace ripped off Damien’s content. This is not up to question. That’s about it, really. I _was_ surprised that you are merely a bystander; I was assuming you were something to do with the company.

    I have also made some subjective derogatory comments about Ace. These are merely my own opinion based on the company’s disgraceful behaviour, and are allowed. 🙂

    Can you tell me what I have said about Ace which has no basis in fact, please?