Ace Internet Marketing – How about NOT stealing my content?

Ta very much lads. It’s not just me either who have been wholesale copied and pasted.

Update: Seems they’ve read this post now after seeing the trackbacks. I contacted you earlier today lads. Get the lead out.

Update 2: They’ve stopped infringing my copyright but are still stealing content from everywhere else. How much should I charge for use of my content for the past 6 hours?

Update 3: It seems it was the fault of their outsourced people. From an email:

We outsource some of our content creation to two separate companies in India, they create original content and also use republished content from sources that allow republication. I know that this is not the case with your content and that a mistake was made by the individual concerned. In fairness i dont think anything underhanded was intended as she actually credit your site with the content and also you as the author.

This though is untrue. I’ve taken the time (since I’m nice like that) to contact all those who have had their content republished. I can’t find any of them allowing for republication and attribution should at lease contain a working link if they did allow it. This is a wreckless attitude and an Irish business, especially one involved in Internet Marketing should know how copyright works.

Update: Ace Internet Marketing have instructed me that I’m posting defamatory statements here and are suggesting they might take action. They are also telling me to stop publishing excerpts of their emails to me. I’ll honour the latter for future emails. In other news I’m already hearing back from others I’ve contacted who feature on the Ace Internet Marketing “blog”. Stay tuned folks.

Update: Aidan Doran has admitted via email that he is Paul. His IP has been banned from my blog.

Yet another update: Now another anonymous person from a anon proxy address is leaving abusive comments. An IP address that has left nasty comments on Daithí’s blog too.

71 Responses to “Ace Internet Marketing – How about NOT stealing my content?”

  1. Damien says:

    Paul is from Ace Internet Marketing in case anyone had not guessed. Now Paul/Aidan, you can threaten me by email and Daithi and anyone else Paul/Aidan but if you threaten Rob or anyone else on my blog again, then I’ll escalate this and get very serious about it. I’ve now banned you by IP but if you come back again I’ll be getting on to your ISP and that’ll just be the start.

  2. Twenty Major says:

    Did you know an anagram of Ace Internet Marketing is ‘A Racketeering Net Mint’?

  3. Escalate it anyway. Get medieval on his ass.

  4. Paul Walsh says:

    @Twenty Major – I’ve been waiting for a laugh from you.

    @Damien, what a shame I was enjoying that idle banter. Naturally we knew it was Ace commentating.

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  6. Twenty Major says:

    Escalate it anyway. Get medieval on his ass.

    Yeah. Don’t let him Wriggly out of it.

  7. kid: If you wrote something which you were moderately happy with, and which many other people liked, how would you feel if a sleazy company stole it and then tried to make out that you were in the wrong?

    I am charitably assuming, by the way, that you are not a sock puppet.

  8. Anthony says:

    Now we have the unions, we have the gambling; and they’re the best things to have. But blos and social networks are the future. And if we don’t get a piece of that action, we risk everything we have. I mean not now, but, ah, ten years from now.

  9. Rahood says:

    I’m sorry I called you guys muppets. I apologize, I was wrong….obviously. *snigger*

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  12. badgerdaddy says:

    Bloody hell Damian, how do you do this? Never happens to me…

    Happily, I don’t think I have ever been plagiarised in all the years I’ve worked in publishing. Probably just as well, as for three years I worked in porn.

    This Paul/Aidan bloke is obviously an arsehole. Also, had a good chuckle over the ‘Online Copywriting’ page on the site… brilliant! Happily, not a company I’d ever hire, even just going by the quality of the web site, never mind your own shite experience.

  13. Interestingly (as I’ve just blogged about), Ace’s blog still has quite a few articles from other people, without attribution. Of course, possibly they got permission…

  14. Green Ink says:

    Jeeeeeesus. “Paul” are you allowed to drink at work?

  15. Will says:

    I’ll admit that I doubt I’ll ever be plagiarised, but how did you find out in the first place? Or is that another post?

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  17. @will:

    One easy way to catch plagarists is to use It’s easy – just enter your url, and you can see people like blatantly rip off your hard work

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  19. Stephen says:

    How did I miss this? Its like watching a car crash in slow motion, over and over again.

    /gets popcorn

  20. Tom O'Leary says:

    I thought that I was only 8 hours behind Ireland here in Washington State. Now I’m thinking that I’m 8 days behind. Damn, how I would have loved to throw some dry coal into this fire. Ashame that it’s just embers now.

    Let me know when there’s another can of whoop ass being served so I can get it while it’s hot.