Fluffy Links – Monday October 29th 2007

Piaras gives a summary of what’s on during Science week as does Conor from a Cork perspective.

Alexia talks about how easy it is to influence our buying decisions in the new hyper-connected social world.

Pat points out a dual sim touchscreen phone is on the way and costs less than 100 euros. Nice.

No to Google’s streetview mapping vans.

Sigur Ros’ new movie Heima is showing in the IFI, I so want to go.

The new way to spot gay men.

Via Ewan McIntosh – A school that does regular videocasts.

So this youngfella makes his own Apple iTouch ad. Apple or someone close to it see it and love it. So they’re using it now as an official ad. Here it is (quality seems to be iffy):

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Monday October 29th 2007”

  1. James says:

    Damn… another annoyingly catchy song that I’ll have to listen to with headphones.