Fluffy Links – Wednesday October 17th 2007

Via Nialler, MIA remixed into Battles. Brilliant.

So obviously Microsoft has something with “Hyper” in the name, either a programme or a product.

Via Tom Murphy, some backlash for one PR person.

A startup weekend in Dublin, I wonder will it flounder as much as the dumbass Mashup camp. Free clue people, engage the bloody locals when planning these events.

Check out Cork band Hooray for Humans.

That auld fella on YouTube is now going to be talking at the World Economic Forum. User generated content and people power, nah. A new way of gaming the public is all, the marketers will soon catch up and spam the new genuine web.

If you not done so, check out Play Rewind.

Another Sony Bravia ad, this time with the Pyramids:

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  1. Keynoter says:

    I clicked on ‘get ticket’ and the site was closed for maintenance!