By the time you read this …

I’ll be in a meeting with some nice people from the EU in ComReg Headquarters. I’ll be sharing it with the NON-Independent ComReg Consumer Panel, who, going by past experience will be telling the EU how great Ireland is for broadband and prices because ComReg told them that. ComReg also gave them 1500 euros each when they were told how great telecoms in Ireland is. As they do for every Consumer Panel half-day meeting.

  • At the meeting I’ll be explaining how fucked over customers of 3 Broadband have been and how ComReg, the National Consumer Authority or whatever they’re called and others blindly ignored all the issues and how ComReg are now telling people that they don’t regulate broadband.
  • I’ll be pointing out how ComReg since 2001 (when they were the ODTR) required all telcos to have complaints procedures in place for all of their services and how all providers were meant to supply ComReg with these procedures but have they? No. Do Comreg inform consumers how they can lodge a complaint and what the procedure is? No.
  • I’ll be pointing out how the ComReg spectrum people in there are complete muppets and their rules on frequency, such as the ComReg donut rule make sure small wireless ISPs are unable to give broadband to people because of stupidity of the highest order.
  • I’ll be pointing out that the Government are still lying about broadband, even with an “honest guv” Green Party Minister in charge, I’ll be pointing out how his Department is bankrupt and I’ll be pointing out how their solution (national broadband tender) to the last 25%, which they say is 10% is a total farce.
  • I’ll also be point out what a limp, flaccid Data Protection Commissioner we have who allows the likes of Carphone Warehouse to get away with harassing 1000s of people and even those with ex-directory numbers. Yes folks, they repeatedly called ex-dir people and still called when told not to. The Commissioner said “ah sure it was their first offense.” My own extended family were getting 3-4 calls a day from these fuckers but sure they didn’t know any better says the DPC.

8 Responses to “By the time you read this …”

  1. dahamsta says:

    Tell ’em I said they’re a bunch of useless overpaid fuckwits please Damien.


  2. mj says:

    Say Hi from me too!

  3. Matt says:

    Tell them I echoed what dahamsta said too.

    On one positive note, where my parents live in North County Dublin (it’s in Dublin, but also in the middle of nowhere) they just got their exchange enabled, and now my Dad has broadband where before there was only dial-up and no 3 or Vodafone modem would work.

  4. Branedy says:

    Please don’t hold back like you usually do.

  5. Keith Clancy says:

    I don’t care .. I’m moving to Holland 😀

    8 meg for me .. on the cheap .. doop de doo 😀

  6. John O'Shea says:

    Don’t forget to write up after (or are you bound by some rule not to?)

  7. Barry says:


    Do you ever regret that Ireland Offline died??

    OTOH, your playing a blinder without it……

    Bye, Barry

  8. steve white says:

    so how’d it go?