Fluffy Links – Monday October 15th 2007

Muahaha. If you don’t get it, you’re going to heaven.

Get the feeling I dislike Student Unions?

Via Metafilter, Ninja Nuns, well no. Karate Nuns actually. Brilliant.

Saw this via Bernie. 24 great films that are hard to watch again. I own and have seen too many of these.

How to dress like a Tenebaum.

Didn’t take long. Fanmade versions of the Cadbury Gorrila ad.

If you want a fluffy link, let me know. Happy to link.

Via John Maguire‘s Facebook: MOTOROLA (RED) – Unaired ad by Jonathan Glazer

Beirut live in France – In the Mausoleum. This just rocks, not a huge fan of the new album but this live version in an apartment makes me want to stand up and sing with them:

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