Google buys Jaiku, please let them make use of it

Congrats to Jyri and the gang in Jaiku, the better microblogging service out there. Announced on his Jaiku, Jyri told the world that Google now owns Jaiku. Let’s hope they won’t fuck it up as much as they fucked up Dodgeball and all the rest. I don’t want a valuable service like that ruined but it will be interesting to see what they will do now when they have Google resources behind them. Another part of the Google social networking service? More details on their blog.

4 Responses to “Google buys Jaiku, please let them make use of it”

  1. lexia says:

    All this happens when I’m doing my Twitter week. Typical.

  2. Paul Sweeney says:

    Its just a little heartbreaking isn’t it? and what does that tell us about our relationship to google?

  3. bernard says:

    The aquisition has caused a little discussion on Jaiku..most people seem to be for the buy-out by Google…some not so much.

    @Paul: I guess you mean the relationship between twitter and google? You know, its ok if Google doesn’t buy a company. It doesn’t mean its shit..:)

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