Cities of Knowledge Conference – Dublin November 20th

Got the below and I have to say it looks really interesting. Might head along.

Cities of Knowledge

Cities of Knowledge

20 November 2007
An International eGovernment/Public Sector Knowledge Management event, co-organised by Dublin City Council and DIT. The event is part of ICiNG (Innovative Cities for the Next Generation) which is a project funded through the European 6th Framework Research programme. It aims to develop effective e-communities and e-access to city administration. The project is based in Dublin, Barcelona, and Helsinki. Each city is providing ‘City Laboratory’ test-bed sites in strategic development/city regeneration locations where users will trial and evaluate technologies and services.

Speakers include

* Jon Udell, Technology Evangelist, Microsoft
* Martin Curley, Head of Innovation, Intel
* Mark Wardle, Head of Innovation Programmes, BT
* Graham Colclough, Vice President, Capgemini
* Prof John Radcliff, DIT Futures Academy

Book here:

10% discount on bookings before Friday, 19 October.
Conference delegate registration is €195.
Book 4 delegates for the price of 3.

3 Responses to “Cities of Knowledge Conference – Dublin November 20th”

  1. tipster says:

    I wonder of Kieran Rose of GLEN will be at it: he has been pushing the government to get more lgb friendly because research shows* it is a factor in developing vibrant, innovative cities.

    *I know the limits of that phrase, but it will do for a comment in a blog!)

  2. Maman Poulet says:

    Ah I remember the other research which looked at discrimination and sexual orientation and poverty – now we are ‘developing vibrant, innovative cities’ of rich male queers interested in inaccessible buildings especially community centres and spending time sucking up to Mad mick and bertie.

  3. John Donovan says:

    Cities of Knowledge website is at