Fluffy Links – Friday September 28th 2007

And we’re back. Thanks for missing us.

The Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, UCC now have a blog.

Jim celebrated his 6 months blogging this week. I must say the Irish Times staff that have started blogging have certainly made an impact on the blogging scene in Ireland and I’ve learned a lot from Jim and Shane and Conor and it is wonderful to see some personality on blogs from the mainstream press. More blogs from the Irish Times staff please! And of course Harry McGee from the Examiner is a fantastic read too.

Barry follows up on my ad post and points out an Irish blog that has ads. Porno ads.

HP have a photography competition for school kids in Ireland. Get your kids and siblings or yourself to submit photos!

Net Neutrality simply explained in a diagram.

Via BoingBoing is the new book from Oliver Sacks (Remember the movie Awakenings? He wrote the book.) The Amazon book page has videos of him talking about music and the mind. Great short videos. Fascinating stuff. Wiki entry on Sacks.

M.I.A. performing Paper Planes on letterman.

Catchy and clever song from a kid: My whole family thinks I’m gay

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip: ‘The Beat That My Heart Skipped’

6 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday September 28th 2007”

  1. The kid in the first video has a load of other songs on youtube also. Worth checking out – some of them are pretty funny.

  2. that dans le sac song is so so cool, they are coming over here in October woop!

  3. Le Catch says:

    October the 10th in the Village. Was supposed to be supporting Rakim, but he pulled so now they are headline…proper order if you ask me! €14 a ticket is a steal! See you all there!

  4. Jim Carroll says:

    thanks damien for those compliments

  5. eoghan says:

    The impact of the Irish Times blogs is not just on the blogging scene in Ireland, they have also have a huge impact in-house in terms of the raw number of links that point to the Irish Times website: links from other websites to the ireland.com blogs now account for over 14% of all links to Ireland.com (more details here on my blog: http://www.cluas.com/indie-music/Default.aspx?tabid=75&EntryID=356 ). That’s some serious increase in ‘link love’ for a 6 month period. If some more Irish Times staff started blogging they’d attract an even more dazzling number of links.

    More links means more search engine traffic which – in the right hands – can mean loads more moolah from online ads (and in due course could mean more revenue than ireland.com earns from its premium subscriptions, which is a net loss maker to start with it).

    It is not just time for some more Irish Times staff to start blogging but also for Ireland.com to do a NY Times and go totally free.