Fluffy Links – 19th September 2007

Arrrrrrr, it be talk like a pirate day, annoy all yourrrrr co-workerrrrrrrrrrs be talking like one. Arrrr.

Also today, the smiley face turns 25. 🙂

Check out Gordon’s latest web app, Yell If It Changes. It alerts you by email if a website changes or if their pagerank changes. I want RSS feeds of it too!

As a not so bitter Cork person, this quote on the Kerry slaughter of Cork rings true.

An excellent idea if you want to draw cartoons of certain deities but fear retribution.

Anthony Bourdain rips a new one into the latest trendy “gourment” creations.

Fiest – Mushaboom:

Feist – I feel it all. (Live on a bus)

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – 19th September 2007”

  1. Conor says:


    (It’s all I got)

  2. Avast me boyos… I were the only one of our motley crew to make an effort. All but two of my co-workers were oblivious to the day it was. Arrr.