Fluffy Links – Monday September 10th 2007

Offer to review wine is still open. Some nice feedback so far.

Happy Christmas.

Nice post by Harry McGee on the ageing Labour Party.

For those that don’t like clowns. Slushies in Clown brains.

Interviewing for google? Try these fantastic questions.

Hilarious. Nathaniel from I’m Guess I’m Floating plays Valerie by Steve Winwood and people think he’s playing a cover of Call on me by Eric Prydz:

“Dude, this is a sweet cover.”
“Who is this? Covering a techno song takes balls!”

Oh dear.

A bondage duckie. So want.

Via Ben Hammersley, nice idea of making open areas more sociable. Add coffee cup holders to lampposts.

Via the Cybercom blog, remember this Tango ad?

Via Huffington Post, the new Naoimi Klein docu:

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday September 10th 2007”

  1. Muck says:

    “Nice post MY Harry McGee on the ageing Labour Party.”

    Actually I know his mother and he is hers not yours Damien .

  2. Damien says:

    he is hers not yours Damien

    He is not my wife now Dave? 🙂
    Corrected typo.

  3. 73man says:

    Thanks for posting that video from Klein’s new documentary. If you are familiar with the work of Adam Curtis, you may recognise some of the things she is talking about.

    It is a favourite tactic of totalitarianism to create the illusion of a tabula rasa, personally, regionally, politically.

  4. Le Catch says:

    I think Klein’s new work is in fact a book…that might be a advert for it unless there is a docu coming out at the same.