Intruders.TV Ireland launches – Conn does it again

Delighted to hear that Conn O’Media (this is his new name and it will catch on) is the Irish correspondent for Intruders.TV. Conn sent out his embargoed (til midnight last night) press release yesterday and I got a little laugh at seeing blog posts announcing the service at 12.01am. Nice to see bloggers obey embargoes to the letter of the law. 🙂

This is a great move for Conn and for everybody in the tech scene in Ireland. Quite proud that Conn is our rep for Ireland and I think he’ll certainly compliment Conor O’Neill who is the Irish correspondent for Blognation. Congrats Conn!

5 Responses to “Intruders.TV Ireland launches – Conn does it again”

  1. lol – thanks Damien!

    Next on the agenda for Intruders: Paddy’s Valley!

  2. The WordPress “future timestamp” feature is perfect for embargoes!

  3. Hehe… I’ve never been under embargo for anything before…. nearly killed me to keep this quiet. Glad the TypePad future publish feature worked as advertised 🙂

  4. […] flurry of blog activity this morning signals the launch of Intruders.TV Ireland, the Irish leg of the website […]

  5. Sean says:

    Hey, thanks for the meniton,
    As regards Conn O’media.. Tom Social, Conn O’Media. Whats next? 😛