Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 4th 2007

Yes, they’re back! Big thanks too so Seán McNamara for the great work in updating this website/blog and adding some new features like the ability so subscribe to the comments in each blog post and the ability to bookmark each post with DIGG, Delicious etc.

Shane Hegarty has good tips on being a freelance journalist.

I think my secretary does.

Someone doesn’t like another Daft Dempsey idea.

The continuing FiannaFailisation of the Green Party.

A transparent toaster. Yes please.

2000 Geek Dinners organised via Facebook. I love how ambitious and totally within reach this is.

ZunePhone, love it:

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 4th 2007”

  1. danger says:

    I think that video was stupid. HAR HAR Microsoft are stoopid HAR HAR. Apple OMG i heart you forever. ZZZZZZZzzz. Change the channel Marge!

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