Well that was a fun weekend

Got feck all sleep over the past few days due to music going on til 4am and 30,000 noisy fucking campers, my cough and cold got way way worse, a bloody nose for half of yesterday didn’t help either but despite all those MINOR things, the Electric Picnic lived up to the hype and more. Damn you Jim Carroll and your Pieminister nod. Filled up there more than once. Bjork was fantastic, shame the sound was shite. Chemical Brothers were absolutely fantastic too. Visuals at 1am just surreal. My Brightest Diamond blew me away I must say. Final Fantasy as good as ever though I fecked off somewhere else, can’t remember where. That would have been the absinthe. It’s a pity the cold and cough screwed me up as I found it too hard to stay for most shows in the tents because of all the people smoking them them and the heat. Super Extra Bonus Party, wow, they really rock. Sunday mass with the Warlords of Pez. Nice. Bats for Lashes I found to be quite boring and hyped. Skream was the last act I saw and worth the wait. Nice sound system.

The Go! Team weren’t impressive, though again I blame the sound system. Beastie Boys, yeah, whatever. Boring. I find these guys to be completely over-valued. I noticed that Derek enjoyed the Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pimp show, though I dunno were they as good as I had thought they’d be. They have lots of potential though. Loved when Scroobius Pimp when asked about playing their biggest hit, “If we play that now you’ll all fuck off to Sonic Youth right after, we ain’t stupid.” I think thought it was MIA for me that was the best show, her or Bjork. When I showed someone my list of want to sees for the weekend, they said “You love your women so.” and I guess I do.

Possibly more later. I need sleep now. This took me an hour to write.

4 Responses to “Well that was a fun weekend”

  1. Gamma Goblin says:

    At least you didnt die!

  2. aoife mc says:

    Hey Damien, good to meet you at final fantasy the other night, it was a really great show. We’re all in bits here, just back to reality today! The whole picnic went by too quickly for me.

  3. Dave Davis says:

    Sorry I didn’t get to meet you there Damien. Seems like we were at NONE of the same gigs except Chemical Brothers. Hot Chip (5 golden stars), Chemical Brothers, LCD Soundsystem, DJ Yoda, Unkle and Simian Mobile Disco were my highlights. Shame you missed them but somehow I don’t think they would be your scene. Oh, and the rave in the forest…. 😉

    If you were in the green campsite, the noisy campers would have been us. All 42 of us. Sorry about that.

    Officially the best weekend of my life.

    Thanks again for the ticket.

  4. Le Catch says:

    Mass with the Pez was brillaint……’Everybody Kneel Down’!

    Did I see you at Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip? I was a bit under the weather then! Sound kind of ruined for me though…very hard to hear most of what he was saying!