Guest Photographer: John Williams

John Williams is another genius behind a camera and I am happy to say that I have a print of his jelly people photo below and lots comment on it when they see it. Don’t forget to visit and subscribe to his site.


What an honour to be asked by Damien to talk about photoblogging, although getting down to typing what I may say is very scary, this would be one of the reasons I have chosen PHOTOblogging (no writing really needed) as my main way of blogging to the WWW.

Damien has asked that I pick out 2 pictures which I like and explain a bit about them. What a bitch, since I have over 400 images I like, so I ended up choosing 10 and let some friends vote, I have to say I was very pleased with the results since they pretty much matched the ones I had in mind. My first image comes from Glendalough.

This was one of my first entries to my photoblog, and one I can honestly say “I aint got a clue how I managed it”. It was taken on Saint Patrick’s Day when myself, my wife and my in-laws decided to venture down for a walk. Since the photoblog had only begun I decided to bring my newish camera and take some shots, which I did, and they were all pretty bad, all except for this one which was taken in manual mode where I had full control of all settings, which I still had no idea about and so I screwed up. When I got home and uploaded the photos to the computer it came out much darker then I had expected and had a great moodiness about it. Sometimes, as I have since learnt, the best photos come when you least expect.

For my second ditty, we have Jelly Babies.

This was an experiment I decided to carry out while sick from work one day, I have a very weird mind when my stomach feels ill and decided that I should try to take some food shots (why!) which I believe can be quite hard to light and get right. I am a useless cook but did find a bag of Lidl Jelly Babies. So I decided to allow them to be my model for my photos. They pose badly! in the end I just lined them up on a white card and created a Jelly Army. It is one of the most talked about images from my blog (not by comments as Treasa will understand) but by word of mouth. Also I have never tried to do food photography again since it sounds so painful.

I know I am taking liberties here, but I did also want to show one more image mainly due to the fact that it something a lot of people reading this can relate too.

This was taken at last years Blog Awards, and while the majority of people were warm indoors, drinking the night away, a lot of photobloggers went outside to capture the lunar eclipse that occurred the same night, and this is what I came up with.

Well that’s my lot, if you are reading this far congratulations getting through my very badly written blurb and many thanks to Damien for giving me the opportunity to partake in this guest post thing with so many established photographers.

6 Responses to “Guest Photographer: John Williams”

  1. aquaasho says:

    Congrats to John on the guest post! Great photos. That jelly babies one seems to get a response from everyone!

  2. red mum says:

    The Glendalough picture is wonderful and of course I love the moon too, particularly my pic of John taking the pic!

  3. What a great eye your friends must have John 🙂 Beautiful, beautiful photos.

  4. Milan Adenauer says:

    I knew the moon picture would go down great, it has a 3D quality to it. All raise our glasses to the Moon and the Jellycota Army. I’m sure we all want to know, did you eat some of the jelly babies after the shoot? Canibal-photography will be all the rage.

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