Guest Photo Post: Treasa from Winds and Breezes

Since the feedback from the guest blog posts a few weeks ago was so postive, I thought I’d have some of the photobloggers in Ireland do guest posts showing off some of their favourite photos. As some may be aware and some may not be, one of the main motivations for starting the blog awards was getting more attention to bloggers and especially photo bloggers. Of all sections in the Awards, this is the section that kills me the most because so many people each year deserve the Award for best photoblogger. Anyway, I asked a few photo bloggers to contribute this week to the blog but of course I asked more than 5 because there are so many amazing photographers to choose from, so this guest photo post idea might last longer than a week. 🙂

First up comes Treasa from Winds and Breezes and also of Dancing Shades of Light. If you like her stuff, don’t forget to visit the site and also subscribe too.


Damien has been kind enough to flatter my ego by asking me to guest photoblog on, the blog where everybody knows your name. I see it as the closest thing to a blogbar which we have and I am pleased, nay proud, to have a couple of pictures hanging here for a while.

Of course, that meant I had to select two and do the blog equivalent of a PowerPoint Presentation about each of them. I think they had to be my favourite photographs but that’s a moving feast so let’s just say that they are my two favourites at this present point in time that fulfill a number of criteria:

1) there’s something to say about them and
2) that something isn’t terribly boring. I try.

Obviously (to me, anyway) one of them was always going to be this photograph.


Francois Colussi, PureMagic Kitesurfing, in Sutton, County Dublin, sometime last year.

This is one of my favourite photographs of all time. It’s a bad photograph because it utterly corrupted me to spending a fortune on printing services. The six by four print was not enough. I had to have a ten by eight. When I got the ten by eight, that wasn’t enough either. I had to have a 20 by 30. And since I did that to this photograph, other photographs have gotten the same treatment so it was the start of a slippery slope which costs me a fortune at It’s on a mug. Everytime I look at this photograph, it reminds me of summer. And since we didn’t get a summer this year…that’s no bad thing.

For my next trick, we have this:


Sunset at the Pointe du Raz, Finistere, Brittany.

I think every one has a soul food place, somewhere they can go to escape the harsh realities of life and just feel a lot better in their own skin. Being awkward, my soul food place is the Pointe du Raz, Finistere, Brittany. It’s not exactly convenient when you’ve had a bad day at work.

This is one of the busiest – and most dangerous – sea corridors around Europe. The fact that you can see four lighthouses with your eyes sitting where I took this photograph is a testament to that. Every single time I’ve been there, however, it’s been as calm as a millpond.

There are two places I go every single time I go to Brittany. This is one. Somehow, I feel at home there. Wish I knew why.


Treasa blogs at Winds and Breezes and also at Dancing Shades of Light

7 Responses to “Guest Photo Post: Treasa from Winds and Breezes”

  1. McAWilliams says:

    I do have to say Treasa, your surfing shots are really fantastic and it was great reading what you think of your images, I suppose as photobloggers we generally let the commenters tell us more about the images rather then explain ourselves since we are lousy writers 🙂

    Printing my images is something as a photoblogger I seldom do, they generally just end up on the net, but I must check out that printing site.

  2. Matt says:

    Excellent photos Treasa (although I had seen and admired them both before!), and thanks to Damien for having you as a guest poster.

    Does anyone know where I can get custom-sized panoramic photos printed? I have two or three huge ones that I want to get mounted.

  3. Treasa says:

    McAWilliams, I seem to scare commenters a bit…I wish more of them would talk to me more often. 🙂

    Matt, depending on the measure of the shorter side, Harvey Normans might be an option for you. They have a large printer which prints off a roll. It will, however, cost.

    thanks also to Damien for having me on. Could do with the soul food place just a little today…mind. 🙂

  4. MissLili says:

    you can get prints printed at ANY size in MCG on George’s St, or FIRE (forget the address) but its
    they’re pretty pricey though, but good quality.

  5. McAWilliams says:

    Treasa I shall do my best rather then look all the time to make the odd comment every now and again. I am a lousy commenter though Tbh

  6. Claire says:

    Matt, there’s a print and frame guy at the Cherry Lane Gallery in Greystones that I use. He’s really good and does prints of any size. Plus he won’t “fix” the contrast and brightness of your photos like other printers sometimes do.